Ra – A Spiritual Message

The Souce determines the Mood

A reminder – While I do not publish this each time, I say the following prayer before each session with my Guides.   It is vitally important to protect oneself from receiving invalid data from entities that are not authorized to connect with a channeling person.  The first psychic to teach me the importance of protection was Edgar Cayce.   As a young woman, ‘synchronistically’, a friend loaned me one of Mr. Cayce’s books which provided suggestions for blocking negative messages and inappropriate access.

I ask for the support of my Causal and Astral spirit guides acting in my highest interest.  Thank you for helping me to break through the Illusion to fully connect with my soul.  Please keep the connection between my physical and spiritual self permanent and unbreakable.  Please provide the clarity needed for any reader or myself to understand our soul’s purpose and to help us follow our life plan.  I promise to participate in consciousness and creating the life my soul intended by walking the paths at all times. (Modified from the version presented by Ainslie MacLeod in his book, “The Instruction”)

Hi my Guides, are we together at this time?

We are with you at all times.

Thank you for the affirmation.

Do you have a specific question for us today?

I was going to say that the message is entirely up to you.  However, I do have a question about earthquakes.  The question is really whether or not I need to get off the West Coast of North America.  What information can you give me about that question?

You are fine just where you are.  Do not allow the negativity of various people disturb you.  As you have been watching the David Wilcock videos, you have been learning that there are many people who want to adopt the negative concepts and perceptions.  You do not need to go there.  Would the Universe be so unloving to have you be unprepared for anything that would be harmful to you?  Do you believe that the Source would not awaken you to the dangers of any given situation?  How could we speak of love and then leave you to discover an experience more terrifying than one can imagine?  The events of 2012 are all to do with a loving upsurge of consciousness and energy.

So, is the answer that I do not have to move off my Island?

Our answer is that whatever planetary disruption there is to be will happen with such timing that we will be able to guide and provide direction to all who are able to hear.  Even if we were able to tell you right now, how many would listen?

Are my friends on the right path by making plans to move to the interior of our province?

Excuse us for one moment.  We need to seek approval.  Please stay with us…ready to take this down.

I will.

We are of the Ra Group.   Yes, there is our label for you.  And as you learned, Jesus is of the Ra Soul Group.  Let us answer your questions in this manner.  As a river flows, picking its way through the low lying areas where it can flow freely and unhampered, so, too, does the Spirit that we send to you.  Those of you who are open and willing to accept the Word provide the bedrock of the River.  You are those souls allowing the message to find its way amongst all of you.

Keep the way open.  Do not clutter it with dams or debris that will impinge upon clear, directional flow.

As the River flows, at times slowly and peacefully and at other times in torrents, so, too, will the information flow to all others.  You will see the mood of the River.  You will help those who cannot yet see or understand.

You cannot remove the bedrock from the flow of the River.  If the River carries the rock, sobeit.  If the River peacefully flows over the rock, sobeit.  It is not necessary to judge or re-direct where the rock lies.  Let it be.  You will know when the River needs you to move with it.  You do not have to do anything.  The River will simply pick you up and move you to the position needed at that time.  Only the Seasons of the Source will change the flow of the River.  Source will determine the weather that affects the River.  One certainty, the River does and will continue to flow.

You know you are part of the bedrock.  We know you are willing to be moved, shifted, changed or dry-docked as needed.  Thank you.

Now about your questions, do you want to ask them again?  Or do you see the answer?

I believe I do see the answer.  I will look at what has been given and if I am not clear, I will ask further.

Thank you.

Have my Spirit Guides always been you… Ra?

No, you have been given messages from various Guides as needed at that time.  However, from now on, you will be receiving our messages.

Have I lost the opportunity to receive wonderful spiritual humour?

Not at all.    Wait and see.  We may surprise you.

Is this for sharing on the Blog?

Yes, by all means.  You are being diligent.  Don’t be discouraged when others are not reading it.  You know the messages they are missing but we are Divine Nags.

Thankfully you are!  I find living in the Present means that I let go of past matters and I concentrate on what is at hand.  People refer to some line or comment that was significant for them and I hardly remember it.  I am not concerned, but merely want to say that I am grateful that Divine Nagging is obviously part of the curriculum!

It is a prerequisite for our curricula vitae.

I look forward to our Work together.  Thank you for accepting my credentials – whatever they are!  I do know that they are not the ones I need to be a success in worldly terms.

Quite.  Is that disappointing?

Far, far from it.  But so many people don’t realize that and suffer as they try to please the world.    It’s hard to realize that this is an inside job.  The outside world holds no comfort by comparison.


2 thoughts on “Ra – A Spiritual Message

  1. I feel that I am also a member of Ra the group soul but I still have some douts about it, maybe you could clarify for me if I am or not. Thanks much Patrick. Love and Light.

    • Patrick, Through your meditations, you will know. Ask for identification of the messenger and be willing to really listen. When I ask for answers and still have doubts about what I’m receiving (thanks to the ego), I watch for confirmations afterwards. Each of us has our own way of receiving those confirmations, but the signs will be there. Just to give one example, I’ll be doing dishes or mowing the lawn and will think of the answer. At that moment I’ll see 1:11 or 4:44 or 1991 – that sort of thing. I’ve learned this is confirmation of being on the right track. Usually I accept the answer after the third confirmation.

      One thing that helped was going through The Law of One. http://www.lawofone.info/ When the message was consistently consistent, I trusted what I was picking up.

      Many blessings to you, Patrick! We are here on purpose!

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