Loving YOU Invites Love

Love begins within...

What a glorious feeling of being in love with life.  I thank the Divine for a great deal of healing.   While I was still working, I had to face the truth that I was doctoring negativity more than I was discovering positive awareness.  It saddens me to know that so many people live in that former state, unaware of the freedom that comes with living in the spiritual realm called the PRESENT.

Thank you Guides.  I know you are with me because you were ‘knocking on my door’ when I was driving home from my appointment.  How is everyone?  Do you have up and down days like we do?

Good morning, Amy.   Are you happy that you are in such good health?  It’s important that an older woman be vitally healthy if she is going to keep company with a younger man.  (Chuckles)

I cannot believe that you went there!  I thought spirit guides were into serious business.

We are!

I call that teasing.  However, I love the joy you send out when you say things like that.

We are terrifically joyful when we see the development of a soul that has been in some challenging situations.  This helps us know that we are fulfilling our purpose.

Imagine if the world knew how much support is happening for them constantly and continuously.  Imagine if people could grasp the love that is being generated and given to them constantly.

Like you?

Okay…as I typed that I was aware that you would challenge me.  Yes, it has taken many years and lots of inner work to at least realize that love from the Divine is something I could count on.  In fact, though it could sound negative, it is the ONLY thing that can be counted upon.  Now, I realize, that all of my Guides proffer the SAME love.  It’s like you each simply have a chunk from the Source and keep bombarding me with it.

We do.  That’s what we do.

12-Step Programs have a saying:  “Stay here with us and let us love you until you can love yourself.”  That’s pretty much how I feel about you.

And how are we making out?

It’s been a huge battle to believe that I am lovable.  I have a friend who has bugged me constantly about that.  It made me cringe when she’d hold the mirror up by telling me how much she loves me and values any time we have together.  After years of inner work, I now know that I am lovable at a soul and spiritual level.  I’m even accepting the love of some of the people around me.

We are delighted about that.

When Ainslie MacLeod channeled that I was not given enough love as a child in this lifetime, it felt like a shock had gone through my heart.  But if I did not receive familial love, how would I know what was missing?  When it appears that all the pieces are in place, and when life appears normal, how does one know that the piece that is missing is “love”?  Then, how does one know what it is like to feel love?

Can you answer any of these questions today?

Yes, I can – a tiny bit.  Isn’t it ironic that I can feel love because of the work that I have done within myself?  I won’t know the true feeling of “love” if I only seek it from outside sources.   I have had to go in and do a good, honest, and deep housecleaning in order to make room, or bring in enough silence, to experience the sense of love.  I could not see the love or feel the love because of the clutter inside of me.  Plus I had to discover the barriers that prevented the entrance of the powerfully soft, subtle, and exquisitely calming sense of ‘love’.

And you really began that awareness when you realized you had to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility for taking steps to help yourself.  You realized it in that moment in Nanaimo in 2000, while sitting in your vehicle at a terrifically busy intersection, that something had to change.

Yes, I promised myself that I would get to my temporary home on the lake and I would sit in my easy chair until I FINALLY understood what I had to do.  I would not move until I had the answer, I decided.

We were with you.

You had to have been!  It hit me that I had been looking for the hole in my soul to be patched by men who I thought should automatically know what to do to patch things up for me.  Can you imagine?  I’d spend  enough time with them to see that they had no clue the hole was even there so I’d give them the boot.  I’d think of them as insensitive, or not evolved enough or whatever!  These poor souls didn’t even know that I had an agenda for them.  Well, neither did I.  And at the time, if any one of them could have been able to ask me what I wanted, I could not have told them.  I did not know that I was looking for a tailor, a quilter, a darner…anyone who would look after a patch job!

...so go in and BEGIN.

That was your doorway to move to a deeper level of freedom.  That allowed us to gear down and show you the door into the kind of support that would lead to self-love.

My friends heard me say, “I now realize that I have to give myself what I’ve been wanting others, especially men, to give me.”  Some of those friends implied that I was becoming too independent…that I was giving up on love.  However, I had realized that with love, I have no business encouraging anyone into my life because I was needy.  I have learned that I am most able to give when I have looked after my own needs.  And yes, that is with your help and living in the Presence of the Divine.

You have come to a point where you are asking yourself:  “What can I give to a relationship with this person?”  That’s a far cry from your past approach which was to look for what you could GET from the relationship.

Yes, it is quite a journey to grow up.  It is quite a process of spiritual maturation to accept responsibility for one’s own needs.  And the ONLY way it can be done is on a spiritual path.

We would like millions of people to realize this.  This is part of the upsurge of energy and vibrational feeding – coming to the realization that “love” is the portal and the ever-loving, nagging force within your souls.  Love will support the transformational outcomes that are beyond our ability to express at this point.  We are pleased that you are becoming more and more aware of all the goodness that is and has been made available to you.  We are pleased that more people will be aware of the positive nature of the Transformation.  Fear is counter-productive.

What about my friends who are heading to the interior of the province to get away from coastal areas that they believe will be under water in minutes in 2012 – with no chance of escape?

As we have said in different messages, do not be concerned that different people are receiving different directions.  Messages are given to certain people for specific purposes.  Trust that any changes you would have to make will unfold as easily as your clean sheets to re-make the bed.  When it is the Divine’s Will, there are no lumps, hitches, warps or mistakes – the sheet slips on with silky comfort.  Trust that our messaging will include what you need to do.  It will be done with ease, comfort and full consideration for your heart’s desire.

Yes, it is amazing how frightened some people are about doing God’s Will.  There is a tendency to immediately think “I’m not going to like this!” – as though it will be punitive.

Exactly.  And it is actually loving and full of partnership with the Divine.

Thank you, Guides.  This has been a big help in letting me see that I have made some progress in the “love” area.  And this is all preparation for the Transformation!  Imagine…I have not trusted being loved.  Can you imagine?

We watched and are overjoyed with NOW!  Thank you.

And thank you, my fabulous Guides.

4 thoughts on “Loving YOU Invites Love

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, Amy. It is especially comforting after yesterday’s literary agent rejection 😦

    I have to admit to finding it difficult to pursue a purpose without attachment to outcome…so thanks again & have a blissful day 🙂

    Lots of love from a sparklingly sunny Jo’burg!


    • Naomi – I admire you so much for going through that publishing process! Publishing a book is one of the most heartbreaking processes in the art world, seems to me. An artist can put a painting on the wall, a sculpture on the floor or a stained glass window in the stream of sunlight – for one and all to appreciate. But getting a manuscript past the “expert” can take forever. I know you won’t give up.

  2. I find your courage very inspiring as you tap into and share from the deeper level of awareness within.

    Your insight about not having received enough love as a child puts me in mind of a Sufi saying that Cynthia mentioned to the group one time: “Each must be born into the nest of that other imperfect bird.” And there was something about how one’s particular woundedness transformed can become one’s greatest gift.

    Thanks for the soul-stirring insights!

    • Thanks, Katherine. It’s a treat to hear any Wisdom that caught Cynthia’s attention. I’ve been carrying one lately that she shared in one of our classes. It may be Sufi based: “You can’t move a plank that you are standing on.” Appreciate your comments – very much.

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