Double Dipped Soul Work

On Tuesday, Susan and I walked through our Coastal rainforest, over hills, along tiny roads and beside aromatic cottonwood trees.  Two women engrossed in the essence of our trusted and long-term friendship where honesty is sacred.  On Wednesday, my Guides wanted to address a topic Susan and I discussed during the hike:

So what do you want to bring to our hearts and souls today?

We loved the conversation you had with Susan yesterday on your walk.

Yes, I love Susan’s careful disclosure of not being sure about all this messaging.  She ended up saying that she did not feel she was deep enough to really get the point at times.  I love her innocence and honesty.  Plus, since she is married to a man who is faithful to his Judeo-Christian roots, this material surely puts her in a bit of a conundrum.

We are not here to deny anyone their belief systems.

I am very grateful about that.  However, the reason I bring this up – she offers good questions because she is being exposed to two very different approaches to trust and faith.

Good point.  She is able to help you come to some answers for yourself.

Very much so.  And I knew you were all with me when Susan asked if I’d been following the Muslim cleric who is blaming the earthquakes on the scantily dressed women exposing their cleavages, etc.  When Susan talked about the young university woman who started the blog “Boobquake”, I suspected you had a hand in the huge awareness given to me.  While I wanted to jump right into the folly of his accusations, it dawned on me that the young woman was really not unlike the cleric in that she, too, was coming from a negative point of view.  Her intent may have been to defend womanhood and its beauty, but it came out in such a way to encourage people to denigrate and express points of view in a disrespectful sort of way.  It turned into a battle of negativity.

You did get the point.  The cleric has stepped over the line, but so has the young woman.  Both are coming from a position of emotionalism.

Some people would say that this sort of exposure is good even though it comes out in a negative manner.

The people who participate in this sort of warring already have their biases.  More feeding is not the answer.  On either side of the issue.

How would you suggest this be handled?

Intellectual understanding will not solve the issue.  That has been tried for centuries.  It is necessary to go to the heart.  As your friend Sefo has told you, “When a heart speaks, hearts hear.  When a mind lectures, ears and hearts close.”  People don’t mean to close their ears, but when hearing a lecture from the intellect, people automatically go into defend mode.  There is only a very small opening into hearts when that is occurring.

So can you give an example of how it could be done from the heart?

Sure.  You could go within and imagine the other person being there.  You could sit down together and, in your imagination, ask this other person what causes him or her to make these comments.  Truly, you would hear very valid truths.  If the conversation included really tough questions and you really listened to the answers, there would be a shift in your heart.

This would be like the powerful tool of praying for someone I resent.  I was taught to pray for them every day for two weeks – asking God to give them everything that my heart desired.  Boy, that is tough at first.  I have even said, “God, you know I don’t mean a word of this.”  But I keep doing it anyway.   Before the end of two weeks, a shift happens that would seem impossible over some issues.  But it does happen.  And by the end of two weeks, I can actually feel forgiveness.  And acceptance.  I even get back to love.

The process we are suggesting is exactly that.  You do not change the other person.  You do not change what has happened.  You cannot change what was said.  But YOU change.  This process brings compassion.

And it is transformational.

Yes it is.

And people will say, “It’s just my imagination.”

Isn’t that what you have said about your conversations with us over these many years?

The second message came to me this morning after I was out for a walk feeling so overwhelmed with awe.  Nature invited me into its essence.  When I finished my walk and sat down to meditate, while expecting my usual Guides, my best buddy showed up.  He is showing up to a lot of people.  Check it out for yourself – :

Morning everyone.  Something has shifted.  I am so full of awe and have a huge sense of abundance – to the point of overflowing.  Thank you one and all who are contributing to this marvelous state of being.

You are welcome, my child.

Ahhhh…I know who you are.  I still feel the hesitancy to say outright that you are Jesus the Christ who is currently connecting with so many humans.  I loved the video that I posted yesterday.  I loved the way David Wilcock said you were making yourself known to many hearts, minds and souls these days.

Yes, that is a powerful message that he has given.  It will assist in the transmission of messages that are so relevant at this time.

I am going to just sit with you, Jesus, and be silent.  So please just give us the message you want to have put on the blog and my fingers will do the recording.

Thank you, my child.  As ever, the theme comes down to love.  All there is to learn comes to love.  It is like all the water that

Stake your Soul's Course

cannot help itself…it continuously flows and falls and thunders and floats toward the oceans.  Within the journey many events are happening.  Some are seen, some go unnoticed.  But life is dying, regenerating, transforming, renewing, blocking, freeing…the whole of life’s experiences continuously occur while the water continues to travel in its own pace, style and mode.  That’s what the Transformation is like.  No matter the life you lead, it is heading for Love.  You can travel in any way you choose, but you move towards Love.

It is your choice whether you want to cut new pathways or follow within the banks already carved out by others.  You will choose the one that will give you the life experiences you want to fulfill your life’s purpose.  But the destiny is Love.

There is little gain in fighting it.  Or denying it.  You cannot stop your call to Love which you have placed within yourself.  You have felt the call over and over again – in so many different ways.  In so many different guises.  You have called it by many different names.  But when you look into a baby’s eyes or come to the aid of a wounded creature or being, you are closest to the smallest understanding.

The smallest understanding?

Yes, right now, in human form, it is not possible for you to accept the full force of Love.  That is part of the pull, the longing to know Love, and therefore, the desire to reach an evolutionary stage of being  that will allow you to know and accept more Love than you can right now.

Am I off base when I suspect that we humans cannot love unconditionally?

That is related to what I am saying.  It is important that humans WANT to give unconditionally.  It is part of that longing.  Deep within your being, you know that it is the door to the experience you innately want.  Love is the reconnecting with the Divine.  It is the state of ‘being with’.  Every human being has that resonating within them, but it is up to the human how it will be manifested.

It is up to each of you how you manifest.  It is your decision.  You have been given a will and the greatest gift you can give to the Divine, the deepest thanks you can bestow and the greatest love you can give back is to simply say, “Your Will, not mine.”

Jesus, you and I have talked of so many things and have shared such joyful laughter  during these times together.  Is that the essence of who you are?

It is such a celebration to be with any of you that I easily reflect the inner essence of the soul who honours me with their presence.

Are you saying that you are whoever we want you to be?

Perhaps it would be understood if I said that I am able to make it as comfortable as possible for the person to be with me.  It is difficult for humans to trust their inner voice and presence.  So I make it easy for them to be with me.  One of the things that you have said to your friends confirms that this has been achieved for you.

What is that?

You have told people that I am your best buddy.  That seals the transmission of love that is so deeply intended.  Thank you.

And thank you.


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