Soul Work

Through the Gate and Meditate

Morning Guides, I’m here waiting for you.  And thank you for all that was given to me yesterday in the way of support and affirmation.

Thank you, Amy.  We are all here today.  Thank you for adding the “Purpose” tab to the blog.  That will help explain what is going on.    We hope you are starting to see what we have known – that people are ready for the information we are beginning to present.  It cannot all come at once.  That would be like the analogy you have used –  a person going to a water fountain to ask for a drink and someone gives them a fire hose.   Today we will let you know a bit more about the Transformation.

Good.  Was my description in the Purpose Tab okay?

It’s great.  It points out that the responsibility is with the individual.  We could be presenting the greatest gems or medicine or wisdom in the Universe, but if it is not accepted and assimilated, it is only a bauble or a pill or words.  The intent is to deliver these insights with the love that not only motivates you, but also confirms that you are loved.

Do most people feel unloved?

Yes, unfortunately.  However, it does work in the Divine’s favour if you look at it this way:  People who feel loved by worldly standards may be less motivated to find the spiritual love that is so readily available to them.  The love of the Divine does not waver.  It sustains in every way possible.  It is the one absolute that you can count on.  Human beings, with all your will and determination and motives, cannot possibly match the Divine in the how to love and be loving.  It is good that religion talks about unconditional love, but no human can attain it.

I have found Divine love when I have been really struggling with some issue.  Oddly enough, and my friends and I laugh about this when the struggle is all over, during the down time when I really need to talk to one of my intimates, there is no one around or available.  There are only answering machines or silence.  This happens so readily during tough times that I came to realize that God wants me to understand that when all is said and done, I only have God.  Even with loved ones around me, in taking my path towards dying, I will only have God.  What good is it to know that now?  What purpose does it serve to know this now – in the physical?

Look at what you just shared.  Do you think that spiritual maturity can grow without this type of experience, feeding or nurturing?  What you have learned, and have consequently shared, is of great value to others.  All of the cares in the world are only given a band aid solution if you only turn to worldly solutions.  Oh, the pill may take the headache away, but the source, the pit of the issue is still there.  And it always has a spiritual component.  When you have not maintained the spiritual concept that is going to put your soul in good stead, you will not be able to stop more headaches from coming.  If you go inside and ask your soul, your Divine Being, or your Guides, for help, you will realize there is dis-ease in your soul and it manifests in these various ‘issues” that keep coming up.

I’ve learned that I’ll keep tripping over the same shortcoming, defect or spiritual malady until I finally face it.  I’ve shared with my friends that I am given as many opportunities as I need to finally see the PLANK that I’m tripping over.  And I admit the plank is often the very thing that I keep seeing in others – the very thing that I am wont to criticize.

And you now realize that when you criticize another, it is the very issue within YOU that is keeping you from having a full dose of spiritual serenity or contentment.

Yes, that is for sure.  And that has taken some tough digging to see and accept.

It is a sign of spiritual maturity when you are at a stage or level of awareness to realize that you have a hand in all that comes your way.

Are you talking about The Law of Attraction?

Yes, but when that term is used, it causes most people to glaze over and simply ignore it because it is familiar.  If we say “what we think, we receive” – even that is too over-used.  So how about this:  When you drive a car, you move from point a to b.  When you were at ‘a’, you thought about what you needed from ‘b’, for example, milk.  So you went and picked up what you thought about – i.e. the milk.  You can understand this commonplace, everyday occurrence because you don’t even think about it.  However, in your tri-dimensional mind, you hesitate to realize the same outcome can happen without having to get in the car.

Oh, hold on a minute.  If I need milk, I have to get in my car to go and get it.

Do you?

How else is it going to get here?

Maybe if you wait a bit, a friend will phone and say she’s coming for a visit.  So you ask her to pick up some milk for you.

Is this the same concept given in the great little book, “Freedom of Simplicity” where the author says to just pray and wait.  “It” will eventually show up?

Exactly.   And the author writes about praying for a major appliance that was very important for his family.  He asked that it be available at a reduced price and someone ends up giving it to him.

I recently had a similar experience – during the time of the Vancouver Olympics.  My T.V. is not working properly.  I seldom turn it on, but when I do, a band of about 4 inches can be seen.  In about an hour, ¾ of the screen may be filled.  I told my friend, Karen, about this and she told me about a large screen TV that I could have – free.  It would even be set up for me.  I turned it down because it is very large and heavy.  She then offered me another older, but smaller one.    I turned that one down, too.  I believe a reasonably priced flat screen will come available and then I am not left trying to get rid of an older, heavier one.  But I was amazed.  This came with only thinking about another T.V. – not even praying.  I felt no hurry.


Back to the milk.  What if my friend doesn’t call to come for tea?

Combinations and permutations.  Some other alternative will come up.  This comes under the auspices of doors and windows.  There are always plenty of both.  You need to be aware to see them.  Awareness comes from working within and working with your Soul’s Divinity.

So in the Transformation process, we need to work more on our ‘inside’ and learn how to approach life differently.  We need to listen to our inner voice and have trust and faith that all is going to unfold in a Divine manner.


It sounds so simple.  What’s the best starting point?

Meditation.  We thank all of you for meditating.  It allows your Guides to give and receive the love you need and need to give.  Without prayer and meditation, the portals are limited.  You control the volume – both in sound and size.  So get honest – is your soul crying out for connection?  What are you doing to contribute to this incredible event that is now underway?  Are you a part of it?  Go inside and see how your soul is doing today.

And watch out for the blast of love we’ll receive, right?


I knew you were going to say that!  Thank you and I look forward to more.


4 thoughts on “Soul Work

  1. Reading these words brought so much calm and understanding. I feel drawn to them. At home with the message. And flowing in the direction intended for me to go.

    “I” simply have to get out of the way more, and let the Divine steer the course.


    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

  2. As usual, you bring me what i need.

    By the way, i am trying meditation. i am using a holosync meditation cd and it has put me to sleep twice already. from one extreme to the other.

    love as always.


    • Susan, the fact that you keep at it is great. A friend of mine left my place the other day determined she would get on with her meditation too. She emailed today all sad because she keeps falling asleep. Remember that the Ego is really scared that you are trying to get rid of it. I used to tell my Ego that even it was lovable! 🙂 It’s a promise that the time comes when you will slip in an out of meditation like a comfortable chair! The Guides sure are being gentle in these messages, aren’t they? It’s that Divine love that is so powerful in its gentleness.

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