Forgive, Accept, Love

Open to Forgiveness, Acceptance and Love

Good morning, my Guides.  Are you with me now?

Always.  Good morning, Amy.  You were paying special attention to the line in the opening prayer from Ainslie MacLeod’s book, “The Instruction”: “I ask you to make the connection between my physical and spiritual self permanent and unbreakable.” You have our word that this is now done.

Does that mean I don’t have to say my prayer for protection and clear opening?

Keep saying it.  The prayer protects, centers and sets your focus… continue to use it.  We simply want you to know that we are with you always.

Again this morning I want to hear what you have to say to my readers and me.  What is the message that will touch our lives today?

It would be good to tell your readers about the messaging you received for your friend.

Okay.  My friend, K, wanted to know about a couple of matters and gave me permission to connect with her guides.  K was not here when I did the meditation yesterday.  As I have not done this type of messaging before, I needed to have some form of validation.  I will be giving K this information and since I am walking on new ground, it is VERY important to me that I’m not simply conjuring up some good fiction.

Did you like your validation?

Yes.  I’ll copy what took place: (excerpt from April 30 message)

Amy:  Okay.  Now how do we validate all of this, please?

Spirit Guides:  It’s 11:32 a.m.  K is sitting down with a coffee.  She is in front of her screen wondering if you are really going to try this experiment.

A:  And if that is not what she is doing?

SG:  Ask her.

So I sent K an email asking her what she was doing at 11:32 a.m. on Friday morning. Here’s the reply I received this morning (Saturday):

I had my Dr’s appt at 11am this morning.  I was looking at the computer screen in his office of my back imaging at 11:15 with no coffee…Other than that I have been at my computer screen all morning and part of the afternoon.

So I don’t know about the coffee or about her wondering…I’ll certainly be asking her about it.  I’ll see if she had a coffee sitting in the vehicle…but the computer screen was bang on.  Her business requires her to be in her vehicle a lot and to be working at some client’s home – not at a computer screen.  She could have been on the ferry since she has lots of appointments off island as well.  When I received that she was in front of a computer screen, I hesitated and wondered…

So are you going to have a LITTLE more confidence in this process?

Well, I think my readers are going to get tired of my hesitation and all my blabbing about it.  But I will check this out with K.

Your openness shows your humanness.  There are plenty of people who are willing to tell you what they can do.  When a person is willing to show what can be done, there is a whole different feel to the relationship.  You’ve been thinking a great deal about humbleness.

We want you to pull back for a moment.  Look at what has happened since you went to South Africa just over six months ago.  You’ve been messaging for years and have only told a few people about a FEW of the messages you have received.

Yes, the messages have been incredible and very, very symbolic.  That has changed.  Now there’s more data of a general nature, but you are still very mysterious.

We don’t mean to be.  We can only give out what is authorized.  But let’s go back to the overview.  You have known deep in your soul that this is what you were to do.  You have known that somehow you were to write and share it.  You never felt it would be a book so it has confused you.  Then when you messaged with Sandy a few months ago, you learned you were to do this blog.  And the blog is only the beginning.  The outcome is still rolling this way.  The blog is a seed and even we cannot define the outcome.  This will not corrupt you or your life.  This is going to be more like the implosion we have referred to.  It is going to just come from the depths of the deep.  And the implosion is bringing such goodness.  SUCH goodness.

Energy is so powerful.  Words hold an energy within them.  When you read about the glorious nature of the Transformation, the words create a shift in your soul.  There is a new-found courage that results.  You will find you resonate with hope and courage.  You will find you are able to face matters with a new strength and courage that was not obvious before.  Oh, it was within you, but you had not let it out.  Fear has been overpowering the life that Divine energy provides.

There have been references to veils, and curtains and illusions and dream states.  It’s all about the fear that prohibits the clear streaming of the Divine energy that is so readily yours.  It’s all here for the taking.

So how do people know what fear is bothering or choking or damming the stream?

That is the reason it is vital that people work very hard and deep to understand who they are.  The world is becoming much better at accepting that fear is the root of medical conditions and health problems.  However it is so much more.  Fear is what stops people from looking at themselves so as to ‘clean house’.  They need to be assured that they will only find beauty when they go within.  They will discover a whole dimension to themselves that they will come to love.  People let past events get in the way of looking at themselves.  This is why FORGIVENESS is so important -that you forgive and ask to be forgiven.  Either way, forgiveness is vital to your personal and spiritual growth and connection.

When you engage in the whole forgiveness process, you include yourself.  You have not invented any new ‘sin’.  Everything you have done has already been done.  Read the holy books in the world.  You will find whatever you have done has been done repeatedly.  So you are not any sort of special ‘sinner’.

Forgiving, accepting and loving.  Do this with others and do it with yourself.  And as messaged earlier, when you feel negative or confused or depressed, STOP AND GO WITHIN.  Your soul is the Divine.  It is THE source of your strength.

We celebrate when you come to the realization that prayer is the most powerful energy shifter in the Universe.  If you only knew!  We have a HUGE celebration when one of you say to the other…”Well, we can at least pray for …”  YES!  At LEAST you can pray!  The least is the greatest!

Thank you.  That is so affirming.

Yes and we want to mention wisdom, but this is getting lengthy.  You will loose your reader’s attention soon.  So may we suggest you copy what you sent to Kadian last night to let your readers digest it?

Certainly I will.  But not to be discussed in this blog?

No, this is enough for now.

Thank you, my fantastic Guides.  Thanks for all the love and guidance you so willingly give.  Please forgive me for my doubts and concerns.

Forgiven, Accepted and Loved.

Thank you, my beloved mentors.

Here’s the excerpt on Wisdom that I shared with Kadian, from the Sufi faith (“Essential Sufism” by Fadiman & Frager):

What is wisdom?  The prophet Muhammad defined wisdom as follows:

Do what you should do when you should do it.

Refuse to do what you should not do;

And, when it is not clear, wait until you are sure.

We all like to think that we are wise.  And that is certainly one reason we keep making so many foolish mistakes.  To pretend to wisdom is to ignore the reality of our own shortcomings.  How can we learn from our mistakes until we are wise enough to look at them clearly?  Humility and self-awareness are among the prerequisites to wisdom.

Action is the final essential component of wisdom.  Knowledge not acted upon is merely a collection of facts.  As the Sufis are fond of saying, “A donkey with a load of books is still a donkey.”  But when we act on our knowledge, we open ourselves up to wisdom.  Sheikh Safer, the current head of one of the major Sufi orders, has said, “I don’t know very much about Sufism, but what I do know I have learned with love and I have practiced that for over forty years.”


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