Spiritual Messaging – Raw and Scientifically Unvalidated!

Universal Law of Boots

“I call on my Causal and Astral spirit guides acting in my highest interest.  I ask for your help in breaking through the Illusion to fully connect with my soul.  I ask you to make the connection between my physical and spiritual self permanent and unbreakable.  I ask for clarity surrounding my soul’s purpose, to help me follow my life plan.  In return, I promise to participate in creating the life my soul intended by walking the paths at all times.” (from The Instruction – Ainslie MacLeod.  Thank you, Ainslie.)

Good morning, Guides.  Are you ready to give me wise counsel?

Good morning, Amy.  We are all here.

Good.  Thank you.  Do you have a message that is going to turn my dissonance around?

You bet!  We love an opportunity to remind you how loved you are.  We are here today to send you the message that we want to share with all who are willing to listen.

So this is for the blog?

Yes, please.

Good.  I’m ready.


There are times when it appears that nothing is happening within your world.  Don’t be fooled.  You are catching glimpses and tiny tastes of All There Is.  You

Ooops, I’m having a small slip.  Sorry.  A huge wave of disconnect came over me.

That happens.  Don’t worry.  Would you like us to start again?

Yes, I would.  That would be good.  (I physically had to leave the keyboard.  As I was away, I was wondering if the connection would be gone.  I returned and paused to focus on my breathing.)

Oh no, we have not left you.  Nor do we plan to suddenly stop communications.  Remember, we said this is going to be your job.

Well it confuses me why you would choose me.  I am not formally educated like so many millions of others.  Would that not lend more credibility to these messages?

Oh, it may impress some, but those are primarily the ones who will stay in their minds no matter what facts were presented.  Degrees would impress them, but they would go on to the next matter that would delay acceptance.

What stops you from just doing a major extravaganza?  Why not put on a great show of “Here it is Folks!” and stop them in their tracks?  Maybe just part the Pacific Ocean.

When you read the various materials presented by others – Urantia for example – you learned that there are no universal laws broken.  There can be some ‘time’ manipulation – like the Wedding of Canaan when the water was turned into wine.  There was no skipping of any steps.  It was all just sped up so that it appeared that the water immediately turned into wine.  It did not.  Not one step was missed.

And how did the Red Sea part?

Again, there was a manipulation – in this case of motion.

Are you saying the sea didn’t really part?

You know from having studied the Bible in your Theology courses that some material was recorded in ways that led to interpretation, and in some cases, alterations.  Who knows the degree or extent that facts were altered?  But the pictures that were presented in your Sunday School were not accurate depictions.  Again, what we are aware of – the tides, the motion of the planet, the position of the moon – all of that led to their ability to safely flee.  And yes, the flash you just received is correct – some of the motion manipulation came from beneath the ocean floor.

So, Amy, going back to what we were saying before you left to cut your fingernails so you could type faster (humour) – people are becoming aware of all sorts of messaging and it is certainly being shared more readily than ever, thanks to the Internet.

Yes, I just saw that beautiful video about “are you listening?”  While I watched it, I realized that someone has put in a great deal of time to have such poignant wording put together with hauntingly effective music and pictures.

Yes.  And you do that with your words.  Look how that web validator, w3cvalidation, took the time to respond to your blog.  Did that give you any encouragement?

It proved that the Internet is full of spiders and the spiders are looking for words to connect or distribute data appropriately.

Yes.  And that is PART of the beginnings of the concept that is going to explode.  That just touches on it.

I don’t know how to do that!

We will continue to give you what is needed.  Let the seeds fall.    Remember this will explode from obscurity.  We do know this is not going to be from a scientific source.  HOWEVER the science world will be rocked off their mathematical formulae.

I’m glad I am just offering a portal.  And you know that I could not be put under a microscope – or through a battery of tests.  This is YOUR stuff to defend.  I noticed how slowly the data came out about the Red Sea.

That’s because we are only authorized to give out certain types of information.  We have to access the data if WE ARE GIVEN PERMISSION.

That hardly sounds spiritual.  Sounds like a corporation.

We are a highly complex organization of energy forms and factors, Amy.  Every soul is in a significant learning position as it supports you.  We are all assigned to you.  We are not giving our love or energy to any other living soul at this time.

What is the permission part of it?

Depending upon our evolutionary stage, we are given opportunities to help you grow and evolve.  As you evolve, so do we.  So it is a symbiotic process.  That is part of the connectedness that is so often forgotten amongst the planetary beings.

Have you all chosen to help with the Transformation?  Is that why you are working with me as a portal?

Amy, you are not simply a portal.  You are an energy force that is willing to be courageous, reliable and obedient.  You are a soul wanting to express your love for humanity.  If you could see your soul as we see it, you would explode with a flood of everything that is art, love and spirit.  It is impossible to put into words.

I know that it’s not only my soul that is that incredible.  It’s everyone’s, right?

You are correct.  If humans could see their souls, they would not fear anything again.

What stops us from being able to see it?

Your humanness.  You see, what you learn as a human, in physical form, with all the limitations of a physical being, profoundly establishes your love for the Universal Energy.  Here we go having problems with labels again.  The Universal Energy of Creation and All There Is.  That still doesn’t do it.

Okay, so what happens with you who are currently my guides?  When we all evolve, do you come back to earth?

If that is what our purpose is, yes.  If we have unfinished evolutionary growth or experience, then we will reincarnate into the person who will have the necessary growth experiences.

Well, then there is Kim, my Causal spirit OF LOVE!!!  I feel that love even just thinking about ‘her’.  She saw my need for love and came back as a puppy for me.  How incredible is that!  Imagine being an evolved energy form and being willing to come to earth as a DOG!

That’s what love does, Amy.  Who knows what you will do when you are in the Causal realm.

And you, or some of my Guides, told Ainslie MacLeod that I am in my last life.  After many, many lives, I am going to be able to move beyond this physical plane.  That is welcome news.

As your Causal guides, we will welcome you home, Amy.  You have been establishing yourself here already…as you have been told, you live in both the physical and spiritual realms already.

I will have a lot to learn!

As we all do.  Our evolution never ends.  As you have already learned, the inner journey – which, in energy form, is simply our journey – is never ending.  When you had the spiritual experience as a young woman in London, Ontario, you GOT the fact that energy is never created or destroyed.  It is simply transformed.  From that moment, you have been working closely with us – willingly and enthusiastically.  We thank you for that.

And I thank you for that.

We will close the messaging for now.  Thank you, beloved.

Any time!  I really love all of you.

We know that to be true.


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Messaging – Raw and Scientifically Unvalidated!

  1. My friend, I so envy you being able to talk to your guides. I feel so frustrated that i cant find or hear mine. What a long journey i still have to make.

    With love,

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