Is Scientific Validation Possible?

The message today was short and simple.  Again, my comments are in BLUE:

What are all these messages?  Is this nutty or what?

No, you just keep doing what is asked.  That is a repetitive message, but it’s repetitive because that is the only message we can give you.

I’m going through the same types of doubts that Walsch had when he was recording his messages for his books, Conversations with God.   But the difference is, he was writing the material and then writing it in book form.  It did not go directly to people without some form of validation.  In other words, Walsh had a book when he went to the Publisher.  Only the Publisher would have thought he was crazy.  However, with this, the material goes out immediately and I have no knowledge or control over whom or how many see it.  And what a line – “The Internet is a BABY”.    And “Watch this portal”.  If that doesn’t create some hilarity!

And so?

I fear ridicule.

Yes, but this is the experience in which you will learn that ridicule is not going to kill you.  So why let ridicule be a factor that prevents the Work from being done?  Do you want to gamble with your fear plugging the portal?

That is an interesting way of looking at it.  That makes it a little hard for me to ignore!  I am committed to  fulfilling my Soul’s Purpose and I have been indulging in a little cowardice.

You and countless others.  Even those who have little interest in the internet will see your message and receive a huge boost in their courage.

Okay.  I always feel so much better when I spend even a few moments in meditation.  It’s amazing.

This is the reason we are asking people to increase their meditation time.  We have a glorious and wondrous Transformational task ahead of us and we need to have every possible person willing to be open to the direction that is to be given and taken.  This is given, not to scare, but to prepare.  You who are aware of the oneness of the universe will be the ones who will be our most powerful helpers; our contacts.  Through meditation, you will have learned how to listen and receive.

All the different paths practice such different methods of meditation.  Does that matter?

Not at all.  It is the focus, the intent, and the willingness that is the key.  How you engage in communication with us is of no import.  Just engage.  A simple analogy – meditating is like having a walkie talkie in a white-out blizzard.  Would you have it turned on or not?

You bet.  AND I’d be praying that the batteries were fully charged!  I notice even with my simple approaches – my method will change.  It isn’t always the same.  Just like I don’t always have the same messengers.

And that is good.

Thank you so much.

Again, I was left wondering:  how does all this messaging work?  The complexity of a brain is unimaginable.  When Walsch was receiving his material for his series, Conversations with God, he protested that these words received were just his imagination.  The response was something like:  What makes you think I cannot communicate with you through your imagination?

After meditation, when I opened my email, I found had sent this week’s video selections.  The first one was:

“Is our universe the product of a simple computational rule? Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, thinks so. Watch now >>

Phenomenal.  Here is a man who has created:  It was created to answer any question.  Just take a peek.

Under the site’s FAQs, a relevant question:  Is Wolfram|Alpha a search engine? The response is, “No. It’s a computational knowledge engine: it generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links.”

Why am I publishing this information?

Stephen Wolfram has spent 30 years computing a theory of everything – using primarily mathematics and physics.  He  is now CEO of a company that does “crazy projects” – a description he appears to say with delight.  He created this website for everyone’s use and it is a computational knowledge engine standing on its own scientific base.  It is not cluttered with all sorts of imaginings, suppositions or musings.  Following his presentation, he received a standing ovation from some of the world’s most brilliant minds.

I went to his website.   I asked the question:  Does God exist? The answer:

“I’m sorry, but a poor computational knowledge engine, no matter how powerful, is not capable of providing a simple answer to that question.”

What great, humble wording from a scientifically-based compilation of knowledge!

Stephen Wolfram is hardly an “obscure person”.  However, I wonder if he would be able to put his knowledge base to work and tell us about a world beyond this one that apparently communicates with us.  He may be a good candidate to ask.  While watching the TED video (previously linked), I heard Stephen Wolfram refer to using his “intuition”.

That’s my word, too.


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