Internet – Still a Babe!

Endless Dawning from Infancy

Pretend you are hiding.

You are peeking at this from a forbidden viewpoint.

Pretend you were told that where you are hiding does not really exist.

You have just discovered it DOES exist.

It is real.

That’s where I am today.

This is a message for you.  Usually this is my place of self expression.  I usually write…well, you can snoop.

Here’s how I know this message is for you:

This morning when I meditated, I thought I would receive some insights on preconceived themes that were in my mind when I awakened.  Turns out that the insight is what I am about to share with you.

In meditation, I’m visited by my intuition, soul, guides, Creator, imagination – who knows?  I have kept the messages  to myself for years.  I have noted them in books, scraps of paper, journals…whatever was handy.  They were mine.

Lately, with the outfall of a Soul Safari followed by a bonding of Soul Journers who are seven supportive friends – each loving and obedient to their souls’ purposes – these messages have become more frequent and full of determination.  Consistent.  Nudging.

Last Saturday, things heated up.  Here’s an excerpt since it is relevant to what is happening today.  My words are BLUE:

“We would like to talk about your writing.

GOOD!!  Please give me all that you want to say!  I love it.

Okay.  Your love shines through your writing.  Do not think you have to emanate anyone.  Do not be influenced by any others.  You are going to find a difference from now on.  You will be overrun with ideas.  They will flood from you.  Yes, you are feeling a difference even now, aren’t you?  That is how it is going to be.  This may seem tedious in the sense that it seems only a handful of people read the blog, but you wait.  Keep responding to the forays you think about making in sharing your blog with others.  It will connect.  You will see.

Does it matter that the subjects all seem to vary and dance about?

That is not an issue.  The important thing is that you write.  The gem is in the chest.  The chest has been buried.  It is NO MORE!  Open the lid.  Bring out the riches.  Every one of those precious items contains LOVE.

Am I going to be like all the other spiritual bloggers that I read and discover?

No, this is going to start a whole new concept that is not in the minds or mouths of people YET.  It will be so  FUN  and CREATIVE.  Didn’t you pray for that?  Didn’t we hear you heart wanting to have those two elements in the way that you make a living?   Well, here it is, coming towards you at breakneck speed though you think it is not even out of the gate!!  We are here cheering as we see the bundle roaring its way to the opening.

Do I need to do any techie stuff?

No, this is going to be one of those moments when someone of obscurity will have an aha moment and it will be because of your blog.  They will INVENT another aspect of the so-called internet – which, by the way is still in infancy stage.  This will thrill you.”

That was the end of the “Internet” theme in that meditation.  Apparently these Messengers know about a process, but not the details.  Once, I was told that it is pointless to get into detailed questions because the “who” could change due to changes in each human’s self will. I’ve been told that our will is not usurped by Divine powers.  What greater display of love can be given to the Divine than to have us display our own personal decision to do what ‘Love’ would do?

This morning, the message revved up.  Here it is:

“Good morning, Amy.  Today we are going deep and will be resonating with the higher vibration that we said was coming to the group.  It’s time to bring you further insights to your purpose in the Transformation.

Good.  I am happy to know that.  I trust in all you’ve been helping me with  – that I am ready to take on the task.

Yes, here we go.  First you will write your blog today and you will add this:

Take your time.  You are not to feel there is any hurry.  Time is of your making; not God’s.  More can be done in the nanosecond of harmony and love than can be done in a year of struggling and fighting.  The Internet, in its infancy will be taking a new corner that no one has had the ability to predict.  We will keep you informed of the stages we can report.  But it will pop up in the most unsuspected of places.  It will not be created by anyone working on it now.  It will be an obscure person who no one would suspect could undertake such a gigantic turning point.  However, your readers have all had sufficient experience with the internet, as observer, user or creator, to know this is the norm for the Internet.  This blog is the one that is going to be the portal.  As the writer, you are unaware of what this message means and will continue to write your articles.  But we are using this blog to report.  This is all for today.

And that’s it?  Just post it?

Yes.  It causes you concern, we know.  But go ahead.

Do I title it “Internet”

Yes…but add the word ‘baby’ to it.


Yes.  Please proceed.  Don’t wait for more input from anywhere.  It’s time.  But no hurry.”

At the risk of appearing as though I have completely lost it, I am now sharing MY BLOG with ‘SOMETHING’.

However, from your hiding spot, put this SOMETHING into the same file of intangibles as TIME and the INTERNET.  I have and, because ‘time’ and the ‘internet’ both have a profound impact on my life, it helps me TRUST.


7 thoughts on “Internet – Still a Babe!

  1. Amy, I know exactly how you feel. While doing my business cards with my guides last night, they wanted me to put “Be Cured” where illnesses were concerned. I was uncomfortable. They said that’s what will happen, people being cured of illnesses because of what you will be doing. For a minute I wanted to shrink up and run away but they told me to believe. If I believe, it will happen. They eventually said put “Be Free” instead so I was more comfortable with it. Amy, what happened to us in SA? We are not the same people but we have to Trust and Believe. I am with you my girl. Keep it coming. Love you lots.

    • And, Kadian, if we don’t put “it” or ourselves out there, we are falling into the Archetype of “Prostitute” (Caroline Myss) which is:
      *Engages in the sale or negotiation of one’s integrity or spirit based on fears of physical and material survival or for financial gain.
      *Activates aspects of the unconscious related to seduction and control.
      *Should also be understood as the selling (or selling out) of talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self.
      *Core learn relates to the need to birth and refine self-esteem and self-respect.
      *Shadow Prostitute assesses all transactions only in terms of how they will profit him or her, not wht they will cost spiritually.
      AND HERE’S THE GEM: * Everyone has this archetype.

      When we let these determine our modus operandi, we are negative, unhealthy, depressed and leaking our precious positive, spiritual energy!

      So, it’s a continuum of putting our foot out into the dark abyss and KNOWING that the tread will shoot up out of nowhere and fit our foot perfectly! Man, would I love to be able to sit down and have some serious belly laughs with you! The thing that the internet has to do for us? It has to allow us to travel through it! Simple as that. Got any kids at your end who could alter the Internet so this can happen? Love you, too!

  2. FASCINATING post, Amy. Thank you for taking the plunge and pressing Publish – a bit like bungee jumping! I shall be watching this space with keen interest 🙂

    Sincere thanks, too, for the welcome reminder to not be in a hurry, much appreciated, xx

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