What Purpose?

Angel of the Mist

Putting our Soul Journer’s group purpose into synopsis form is risky.  As we receive input on this subject, one fact has been predominant.  We are to love and support one another and pass it on!

We are encouraged to let our gifts and talents shine so that the positive light that we attract is readily given to others.

On Sunday, April 18, 2010, this message came to me while meditating about ‘purpose’.  I know this message applies to you, the reader.  This is not just for the Soul Journers.   It applies to all of us who are working on understanding our life’s purpose and who share our soul’s content with at least one other person:

You are here today to look at what you are doing, about where you are going.    Each of you still has a great deal of work to do and are reaching for these opportunities with joy and reverence.  You are beginning to understand the seriousness of meditating regularly .  Each of you will find your way.

You are to respect one another’s individuality as well as each others’ gifts and talents.  Because you have very significant roles to fulfill, you are not seeking leadership from one another; only support, clarification and discernment.  It is highly important that you know to connect with each other in this way.  Otherwise, it is too easy to veer away from doing your Soul’s purpose.

Most of you know the abundance in doing God’s Will.  You are aware that a complete surrender to doing His Will is the door to freedom, abundance, creativity and fulfilled purpose.  Those of you who do not fully realize this need to watch the others, listen to their concerns and cautionary comments.

The tempo is going to move into a higher vibrational orbit for each of you.  You will continue to notice that you are stepping out in a manner unusual for you.  Ignore the historical route.  You are ready to take the new paths.  We will make them very clear for you.  You will have no doubt about your role.  Let one step lead to the next.  Don’t worry about making a mistake.  There is no such thing in God’s world.  If you take a spur, you will be drawn back by your own love for what is appropriate to your soul.  Your soul will bring you to the route, the road and the portals you need.

It may be tempting to feel that the road you are on is slow and unmoving.  That is not the case.  Trust that you are doing what is essential and every moment is as important as the next.  What you perceive to be important may not be  as important as the most seemingly trivial gesture or comment or act on your part.

Life is not what it used to be for you.  You have made a commitment and have surrendered to doing your Soul’s purpose – or God’s Will – however you see this undertaking.  But know that your soul truly is the home of the Divine  – living with  you fully and lovingly – giving direction every step of the way.

Learning to listen to your soul is paramount.  No one in this group need feel they are not tuned in.  We are making certain that each of you are being given all the support and help from the spirit levels that is needed.  You need have no concern about “doing the right thing”.

When you have days that cause you to falter and doubt, that is the time that you need to stop everything and go inside.  By this we mean STOP EVERYTHING.  If you feel crippled in some way, stop and go inside.  You will be healed instantly.  If you insist upon continuing in a crippled manner, your giving will be crippled.  That is not your intent or desire.  We know that.  So STOP! Go inside for direction.

And now we are going to finish this messaging.  Thank you and may all of God’s blessings that we know to be alive and real, be upon you, amongst you and within you.  Thank you for being willing to let us have your voice.  WE love each one of you so very much.

Amen and toodles – to seven terrific women who are overcoming the physical!  (humour intended) –  We are God’s helpers.

Speaking of that, I’m off to the kitchen to stifle a bit of ‘physical’…it’s time for a good stir fry!  Wonder if God’s helpers would be willing to let up a bit on the humour and do some cooking.  🙂

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