My Soul Sisters

Some of the Soul Journers

Six months ago, seven Soul Journers transformed themselves from bloggers to Safarites by landing in South Africa and heading for the wilds.

In the photo on the right, Ainslie MacLeod, author of “The Instruction” and “The Transformation”, joined some of the Safarites as Greg-the-Guide fights with a lug nut on his second or third flat tire. Along with the chiding from other guides, he reluctantly endured sage advice from each one of us!

Actually, it took a good spray of my Canadian can of DEET to lubricate the nut well enough for Greg to get it off the wheel.  It was the only time even a droplet of the dreadful chemical was needed.

This photo was taken in the Madikwe Game Reserve, a gemstone of wildlife, just a hour’s air trip northwest of Johannesberg.  Breakfast would be served just miles away and a flat tire tantalizingly delayed a delicious cup of coffee and a refreshing cup of Rooibos tea along with a full selection of delicious breakfast dishes.

South Africa transformed each one of the Soul Journers and kick-started a commitment to support one another through thick and thin – from flat tires through to life altering decisions and beyond.

In six short months, we have had to stand strong in the face of family, friends and society in order to fulfill our souls’ purposes.  Being old souls, each Soul Journer has experienced enough living to know what she doesn’t want.  We don’t want any more flat tires preventing us from getting to the banquet that awaits us.

Let’s take a peek at the Soul Journers:

Carol: This bird/animal/book loving woman commutes to Los Angeles to work.  She gets up about 4:00 each morning in order to do this – and for how much longer?   She hung up her leathers, sold her motorcycle and now looks for new ways to appease her adventurous spirit.  One day, like a few of us, she tuned into Oprah’s Soul Series, found out about Ainslie MacLeod & his book about the soul’s purpose and signed up for the Soul Safari.  Carol has been described as “The Keeper of the Gate”.  While she is daring and adventurous, Carol has a broad streak of sensibility that cuts through fluff and time wasters.  Carol’s the one who may return to Africa this year.

Della: Besides a wicked sense of humour, this creative woman has a heart bigger than North America.  She recently flew to Texas to pick up a litter of kittens to bring them back and find homes for them.  Some are still with her, each sprouting a name of a potato.  After Africa, Della participated in a seminar that would completely change her artistic, fiscal and business direction with daring and flare.  This new application for this creativity is still under construction.  It’s hard to know if the quiet from her corner is due to the kittens or her new venture. Della’s role is the “Creator and Builder”, the one who will encourage each of us to tap into our creative juices.

Joan: This tiny woman overcame incredible fears to join us.  She has diabetes and needs to carry all her equipment with her wherever she goes.  She was petrified of flying.  She had little confidence that she could physically handle the demands of a Safari.  She faced and overcame each fear.  She even hiked up a mountain trail that half the Safarites chose to ignore.  She daily faces a challenge with two, young adopted sons of special needs.  Her friends and family question the new Joan; they are unfamiliar with the woman who is no longer second guessing herself.   Her strength challenges the fears that previously fostered her decisions.  She undertakes various studies in the spiritual realm.  Joan’s role is “Teacher for Overcoming Fear”.  As she continues to deal with challenges, she will be the one who will challenge us to step up with grace when we are called to find our courage.

Joanne: After putting off a decision for a number of years to make changes within her marriage, Joanne summoned the courage to let her husband know that she needed to move on without him.  She knew her decision would hold many consequences; including ones for their two teenagers.  Being a professional woman, Joanne has been a major contributor to the family’s financial freedom.  She has diligently sought the guidance from her spiritual life and made decisions from a base of love, compassion and determination.   After returning home, Joanne faced the death of her father, the turmoil of uprooting her immediate family and, now, her mother’s fragile health. Joanne’s role seems to be “The Seer” – the one who sees things up ahead.  Besides a healthy dose of discernment, whenever Joanne has been called upon, she provides direction with balance, diplomacy and clarity – definite attributes for any ‘seer’.

Kadian: Wife and mother, Kadian is the youngest in soul age amongst the Soul Journers, according to Ainslie MacLeod.  Good thing, too, since she is the one who has had a full plate of activity.  Since being back from Africa, Kadian has closed a Woman’s Wear store in New York so she can continue to study Reiki and other disciplines in healing arts.  Kadian and a friend, Sandy, are also working with a number of young adults guiding them through stages of their life decisions.  Kadian’s role seems to be “The Encourager”, the one who helps us see that we are on the right track.  Kadian is indeed like the little sister who will keep tugging at our shirt tails until we pay attention. If anyone would JUST ask her, she would likely say we are moving too slow!

Susan: A big animal lover, Susan traded in her love for horses for a deep devotion to dogs.  She volunteers weekly in an operation that trains dogs, including hers, for ‘working’ with the blind, disabled and psychologically challenged. With acute detection, these dogs know when a  human is, or will be, in need of help.  Susan has been researching and practicing meditative, intuitive and psychic skills – without achieving the results she wants.  The Soul Journers know that Susan will find her way when the time is right.  It is no surprise that Susan’s role is the “The Explorer”.  Susan apparently sees things differently from the rest of us, or sees what others do not see.  She’ll make sure that we stay open to, and explore, differences.

Amy: Although there was a great deal said about my finding a soul mate, I believe that I have six of them right under my nose!  Plus, I do have many supportive, accepting and encouraging friends.  Since being back from Africa, I have dared to start this blog – a very revealing and exposing process for me.  I have been testing my psychic abilities bit by bit.  As Ainslie MacLeod told me, as a Creator soul with strong support from the Spiritualist aspect of my soul, I spend half my time in the spiritual realm and the other half here on the physical plane.  That explains a lot!   Surprisingly, I recently resigned from my career position.  It was interfering with my souls well-being.  Wondering what is next suits my adventurous spirit.  My role is: “The Spirit Builder”.  I think I have the best role.  Hope the other six feel the same about theirs!

We are the Soul Journers.  Who know what’s coming next, but I’ll keep you informed.

4 thoughts on “My Soul Sisters

  1. Amy, so beautifully put. Has it been only six months since South Africa? Sister, it feels like I’ve known you and the rest of my Soul Journers Sisters a lifetime. It has been a pleasure sharing my life with all of you; my spiritual family. I really can’t imagine it without anyone of you, and I truly mean that. Love you very much.

    • Thanks for your comments, Kadian! You can see how Sandy’s work – the role identification – is definitely a part of the article. Many thanks to her for that help.

      Yes, Life has indeed changed in six months for each of us! And, Kadian, we have known each other for how many lifetimes?! I’m going to start bugging each of you to tell me some of those past life stories so we can share them with the readers. Great drama! Amazing outcomes. Of course, the point of sharing these stories, as Ainslie MacLeod has reminded us, is to identify what part of that life is significant in allaying fears in our lives TODAY – so we can fulfill our souls’ purposes in this lifetime.

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