Escaping to Creativity

An email arrived from my Financial Adviser that says, “I didn’t know you were planning on quitting work now, without having other work to take its place.  I would have counseled you to get the new job/income organized before you quit your current job.” I chuckled because it charmed me.  It’s been years since anyone has chastised me as though I was a daughter who had just quit University in April, in my last year.

However, it caused me to second guess my faith and my trust in the process that is slowly capturing the attention of so many.   I went back to old thinking- that old default of doubt and disbelief.  I went to bed early with a lump as my bedfellow.

Before falling asleep, I surrendered it all.  I asked for help in gaining some insight as to where I am to aim.

This morning, before I was fully awake, I envisioned myself standing in front of a giant gray wall made of plastic.  There was nothing on it.  Then I saw a crack and headed straight for it.  I squeezed through and knew I was starting a new beginning.  The crack was my creative opening and my squeeze through was an escape from conformity.

Phew!  I went through with no hesitation and no claw marks.

Ideas rolled through my mind.  People with film expertise came to mind.  Questions, concepts, contacts and queasiness.  My God!  It continued to unfold for hours – even as I delighted in Hamlet on the big screen from the Met.

“I can do it”, I found myself thinking.  “This is what we have to do.  Simply agree to do it.  The outcome needn’t frighten me away because when I do it with the Universe directing me, it’ll all be within my capabilities.”

Here we go.  I am being told to tell a soul story to people who know how to write scripts, who know about the worlds of Television and Film and who all are under my nose.  I’ve already sent the first email- full of questions – to a scriptwriter who I know fairly well, who lives on my island and who has actually been nominated for an Academy Award – a few years ago when he lived in California.

Thanks, God for reminding me to stay in ABUNDANCE.

4 thoughts on “Escaping to Creativity

  1. It sounds like you are on your way even though you’re not sure where this trip will finally end up. Trust in your guides and they will show you the way. With love,


  2. A courtsey to your courage, Amy!

    I’m in the process of rereading 2 phenomenal books, which absolutely endorse your decision: Robin S. Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” 🙂

    Wishing you strength & joy on your journey, xx

    • Thanks, Naoms. Amazing how many people have given me two thumbs up on this decision. A number of them have been involved in this last field of my employ – much to my surprise. They tell me that three years deserves a big pat on the back.

      Yes, on to new adventures. May the Creator keep pointing me in the direction that fulfills a purposeful role!!


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