Connected to the Source

Natural Reminder of Source

“No human would ever do anything to harm another if

Connected to Source because when you are Connected,

you are empowered; you don’t feel insecure.

And when you don’t feel insecure, you don’t need to do

something to somebody else that you’re afraid of,

because you are not afraid. You understand that all is

well and Well-Being abounds.”

– Abraham Hicks, G-2/27/05

Gossip is poison to Unity.

Healthy people who work diligently on their self esteem understand that keeping a sense of well being is hard work.  We have little time or energy to judge others if we are polishing the mirror and looking at our own state of inner peace.  We are less tempted to denigrate another person when we maintain a loving and routine relationship with our Source of Love.

A good question to ask oneself when tempted to gossip, “Can I say this to the person I am about to talk about?”  It is vital to be honest.  If not, cease and desist.   Don’t utter a word.  That energy goes out into the airwaves.  We have no idea where the negativity spreads and builds wedges.  There’s a sage reminder:  Picture yourself ripping open a feather pillow in a windstorm while standing on a hill.  Taking back your words is as easy as collecting those feathers.

If I need to vent to a trusted friend or a professional, I may not want to hear the question, “What have you done about this?” – but I hope they will remind me.  It will remind me that my feelings are saying that I need to take some action.

And I don’t need to drag others with me.  I need to stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for my feelings.

May I remember the question.  May I be given the courage to face situations and people when I need to stay true to myself and my well-being.  May I forgive the people who believe they can speak for others.

I am willing to go to battle to defend unity.  Without it, I am alone, shivering and lost without loving trust.


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