Transformative Invitation

Did you read the article from Ainslie MacLeod who caught the Seattle Children’s Hospital in an “act of Transformation”?

What a spirit-builder.  What a promise that the Transformation is truly underfoot.

Anslie saw beyond an incredible medical procedure that further hones and perfects the skills of staff.  He saw the shift of consciousness that we all need to tap into.

Anslie inspires me to share a gem that comes from my workplace:

In our Independent Senior’s Residence, a woman (I’ll call her Tina) arrived directly from the hospital following a stroke that paralyzed her left side.  The effects left her unable to walk, use her left hand or manage any of her daily ablutions.   As her son wheeled her in on her first day of residency, she looked up at me with sparkling eyes and said, “I AM going to walk again, you know.”

With tears in my eyes, I responded, “And I believe you will, Tina.”

Care workers came in shifts to help her with everything.  She worked determinedly with the physiotherapist.  After months, she could wheel herself around her suite using only her right hand.  She was not excited about anyone seeing her curling left hand.  That was one of the focal points of her exercises.  Improvement was slow, but every victory was celebrated by staff and fellow residents. Tina’s ever present sense of humour portrayed both her love and her frustration with her physiotherapy.

One day, the Physio announced that she was to eat dinner with her left hand.  She was mortified.  Her embarrassment over the shape of her hand was bad enough.  Now she had to use it in front of everyone!

She came out for dinner, downcast and hesitant.  Her changed demeanor was obvious to her homemaker as well as the other residents.  Reluctantly, she confessed the task ahead of her; eyes downcast and voice hardly audible.

“Well”, said one of the other six residents.  “In that case, we’ll ALL eat with our left hands tonight.”

And all seven residents did.

And Tina is now beginning to walk, with her Physio, without a walker or a cane.

And what is your Transformation story?   Please tell me so I can share it here.  These stories need to be told.


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