Converging Powers

Power!  We’ve all got it.  And the world is talking about it and USING it more and more.

The Source  of this Power is the Divine.  We are responsible for HOW we access this Power and HOW we use it.

The Soul Journers bring numerous alternatives to the table.  Thanks to Soul Journer D,  here’s a link to a psychic who receives messages from Archangel Uriel: .  The message parallels some of the highlights of messages we have been receiving collectively.

The author of the Website, Jennifer Hoffman, received this prediction for March:

March is a time for courage, because much courage will be required of those know that they can no longer continue on the path they are on but who have not yet decided on how to change it. Once the choice for change has been made, the shift will release the connections to all limitations and the path to change is opened and cleared. March’s energy will bring us what we have been asking for and we will see whether we have the courage to follow our heart’s desire.

And Soul Journer S referenced a Tapping technique website.  It not only teaches the healing benefits of Tapping, it also has a myriad of  imbedded videos about other techniques:

Soul Journer C so aptly summarized our task at hand:  “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…”  The Powers are CONVERGING:

  • What is the overall message?   We all possess the power to transcend our physical being and state of mind.
  • What’s the purpose?  Our world needs, and is preparing, to evolve to a higher plane.
  • What does that mean?  It’s about healing.  Each of us has a role in this transformation and we start with healing ourselves.  One person , even slightly healthier, has a profound effect on the entire world.

If you are reading this, you are part of the solution.

If you are visiting websites that address any topic related to prayer, transformation, meditation, transcendence, healing, increased vibration, higher frequencies, power of love, Archangel Michael…or whatever…you are part of the solution.


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