Celebrating Courage

Sandy came to the Soul Journers out of left field – with claw marks in her courage.

It’s up to Sandy to tell her life story.  But I want to share just enough to let her example shine.  She is a model for all of us as we step out of our comfort zones and dare to use our gifts throughout this Transformation.

Sandy is a friend of Soul Journer K who had begun studying Reiki some time ago.  In starting her journey towards becoming a Reiki Master, K met a kindred spirit named Sandy.  They began practicing their skills together.

In 2009, Sandy began revealing her psychic powers to K.  With hesitation, Sandy began describing the visions that appeared to her during treatments.  K’s interest in psychic matters had also been unfolding.  She had told Sandy about the Soul Journers and our experiences with a psychic who was helping us discover our souls’ purposes.  Awareness of our existence and our journeys both encouraged and intimidated Sandy.

Being a single mother without a myriad of choices, Sandy knew if the world turned on her as she morphed into one of the world’s psychics, she would have a long trip back to survival mode.

Fortunately for us, her Power could no longer be contained.  Divinity struck with perfection.  Sandy finally admitted, to K, the existence of her psychic powers.  Her fears were finally transforming into a glorious patch of courage.  She began to override the fear of family and community disdain that lurked in the corners of her world.  She grew courage from the seed of safety offered by K.  She dared to be her true self.

In early December, 2009, Sandy shared a session with K who wrote the message for the rest of us.  Here is an excerpt (The words in parentheses are for clarification.):

The Ascended Master kept reiterating over and over again about (our) desiring things of the world versus things of the Universe.  When you desire things of the world, you put limitations on yourselves.

Remember (Psychic) Ainslie said that a few times during the (South African) trip about limitations.  We want a nice house, a nice car, money, etc.  those are things of the world.  Our beliefs also hold us back.  He said religion is of the world, not of the Universe.  He said we were taught that only birds can fly, that’s why we can’t fly.  We must dream bigger than that.  Along with dreaming big, we must believe.  We manifest nothing because we don’t believe.

He said there is no place for DOUBT in the Universe.  The words DOUBT, TRYING, MAYBE, HOPEFUL, etc cannot be understood by the Universe.  That’s why we manifest nothing.  When we put something out in the Universe, leave it there and don’t think about it again.  The Universe heard you.  When we worry we immediately take it back that ‘s why we don’t get it.

(Soul Journer) Je, surrender, surrender , surrender and leave it alone.  BELIEVE everything is working for your highest good, BELIEVE.  He said there is no place for doubt.  Let (go of the legal situation).  Do you believe the Universe can  give it back to you tenfold, if so, throw it out there and leave it alone.  Don’t take it back by trying to fight it or putting worry in the situation.  Just believe.  Je, desire things of the Universe, like helping people with your (Past Life) Hypnotherapy, then in return you can have anything in the world you want.

D, he said the economy isn’t going to get better.  We have to change by what we desire and the economy won’ t be a problem for us because we are part of the Universe not part of the world.  We have to believe that so much.  When we believe in the Universe, all things are possible.

FEAR is another one of our problems.  Get rid of it.  It holds us back tremendously.  We must open our third eye so we can see.  We see the Universe through our third eye and see the world through our natural eyes.  We must see through our third eye.  He said “ Open your third eye by believing and letting go of the fear and not being afraid to see.”  In order for our third eye to open, we have to desire the things of the Universe.  Most people’s third eye are not open because they desire things of the world.  Things that will wither away and dry up.  If the world was destroyed, the Universe would still (exist).  That’s how limited we are in our beliefs.  He gave  (Psychic) Ainslie as an example.  He said Ainslie gets everything he wants because he knows this and he does it.  He desires things of the Universe so his thinking is not limited.  Ainslie believes he is a part of the Universe, not part of the world.  He said, “You must believe in the things you desire, else you desire nothing.”  He said we must MEDITATE.

Sandy’s mission is to teach those who are lost in the world to enter the Universe.  She is to write about everything she sees.  She must be different.  He said she is not completely open because she has doubts and is fearful of her gifts.  He is helping her open her third eye and to show her how to communicate.  She has to go deeper and accept every gift there is for her in the Universe.

He said I (K) must believe in myself.  Do not lack confidence in myself or my gift.  If I want to be a great healer believe that I am.  If I touch someone and believe, they are healed even if doesn’t happen in that same moment but if I wonder if it worked, I immediately took the healing back.  There is no room for doubt in the Universe.

Following this, Sandy very kindly has given each of the Soul Journers a session with our Guides.  The sessions are full of wisdom, love, hilarity, teasing…the whole gamut of experiences.  We are given the proof we need that the session is, indeed, for us.  We are given the guidance we need to fulfill our role as leaders of the Transformation.

Sandy’s courage to share the message is a promise for every one of us.  We have no right to let fear hold us back.  Fear imprisons our innate goodness and our Divine gifts!

God doesn’t cater to our sex, age, status, race, creed, or belief system.  When it is time, it’s time!  We either surrender to the Divine nudge or live with our insides tied in knots, fighting negative emotions like DOUBT, TRYING, SHOULD, MAYBE, etc.

When we choose surrender, courage transforms fear.  The Universe opens and the smell of that glorious breeze is unmistakable.  The scent is freedom.

It’s what all of us have to do – stick our necks out so far for the Divine that we have to start lunch at 11:00 in order to receive nourishment by Noon.

Please pass the Surrender!

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