Soul Journers – 7th Power

Seven old souls roam the North American continent.

Seven old souls stand at the helm of their life’s mothership, calling the others onward.

Seven old souls hold a bond that is rooted in the depths of their hearts’ innermost chambers.

One year ago today:

  • not one of these women knew the other six.
  • not one would have described herself as psychic.
  • not one of the seven knew she was going to South Africa.
  • not one of these souls predicted her world would never be the same after 2009.

We span Canada and the United States. Two hold the Eastern positions, tolerating the weight of the five who live along the West Coast.  We are highly spiritual beings who have wondered how in God’s good Grace we ended up being who we are.  We are retailers, artists, managers, homemakers, administrators, doctors, dog trainers, animal lovers and lizard leapers.  We are all creative, highly intuitive and awestruck that we have finally found each other.

Goodbye to feeling bad because we do not fit into society’s dimension and definition.  We need only look into each others’ lives to know where we belong.  We belong exactly where we are: one foot in North America and the other in the world of spiritual beings.

How did we meet?

After reading The Instruction, we all signed up for psychic readings with the author, Ainslie MacLeod.  We each wanted to know our soul’s purpose.  The waiting period for the appointment was long.  As we waited, we received news of a Soul Safari to South Africa that included Ainslie, the psychic.   All seven signed up!

The Travel Agency immediately set up a blog so all of the Safarites could communicate with each other. We seven began reporting our psychic readings and discovering ourselves in each other.  We were glued to the blog, devouring news from each other every day.

Out of twenty something who signed up for the South Africa Safari, seven of us took over the lion’s share of the blog.  A handful of others would contribute, but it was mainly the seven of us who threw open the doors of our souls and bared all.  After a lifetime of being reminded of our non-conforming eccentricities and methodologies, we reveled in discoveries of commonality and camaraderie.

In October, we finally arrived at the Madikwe Game Reserve, located just northeast of Johannesburg, South Africa.  As we finally met and embraced each other, the bond only deepened.

In a meeting room open to nature’s breezes, African scents, and a myriad of strange-to-us tiny creatures, we learned from Ainslie that the whole crew was old souls.  We had all been in Africa in a previous life.  We had come home.  We were in South Africe to fulfill agreements.

But the most profound message, for me, was that each of us are destined to be leaders in the world’s Transformation.  We are each at the helm of our own ship.  The guides told Ainslie that we are to assist with the Transformation that is resonating throughout our planet.  We are all able to see the signs.

After the Soul Safari, each of us returned to our homes full of new questions.  I felt the loss of my soul’s sisterhood.  I discovered the other six women felt the same ‘disconnect’.  We wanted to know if we were heading in appropriate directions.  Each of us wanted to know our role.   We bridged the silence.  Reacquainted souls need to stay connected.

We now conference every other week to share our lives, challenges and successes.

On one of the calls, K, one of the Soul Journers, told us about her psychic friend, Sandy, who wanted to practice her skills.  She gave readings to each of the Soul Journers.  She confirmed that the group was destined to meet – which was the reason we each went to Africa.   Our connection had been ordained.  We are to be sound support for one another in each of our endeavors.  Each of us has a role in the group – mine, for example, is Spirit Builder.  I was  told to write…to get a Blog started.  I am to write what comes in meditation.  I’m to go to the depth of my soul.  And I am to introduce the Soul Journers.  Since our impact on the world’s Transformation is individual, each of us has a unique Purpose.  Apparently, I am to share those purposes and this blog is only the beginning.

The Soul Journers have FASCINATING lives.  We’re suiting up for our “walking orders” with individual personalities, gifts and desires.  We all have our own points of view and may not always be looking in the same direction at the same time.  We can move from dire seriousness to abject hilarity in a matter of seconds.  While we can have tears in our eyes over a Soul Journer’s woeful situation, it is not long before we are cheering on her new-found strength.

We have all been told to meditate faithfully.  My guides said to be disciplined and obedient.  One of the Soul Journers, S, has a huge struggle with meditation.  Sandy told her that S terrifies her spirit guides.  They are afraid of her!   Since we can only see S as a woman with a big heart, we relentlessly encourage her to keep practicing.  We know her guides want to connect with her.

And so the stories of the Soul Journers will begin.  The stories are not a competition with anyone in the world.  We simply dole out soul power since even the smallest dab can permeate a life and jump-start a Transformation.

Here’s a sample:   Another Soul Journer – C –  seized an opportunity to wrap a soul in compassion.  It’s a perfect display of the beauty of her soul – shared with her permission:

“Today, the task that fell to me was to help a staff member pack up his personal belongings after his employment was terminated, collect his company issued equipment, and get him out the door.  He had been on 3 month notice that his performance wasn’t meeting the standards for his position.  It’s not that he is a slacker or incompetent… he’s just a quiet, humble sort in a position that required him to spar with courtroom attorneys and think ahead of them in the cut-throat litigation world.  He just isn’t put together that way.

He was rather “shocky” and took about an hour and a half to clear out his desk and shelves and identify his personal reference books and materials, then he couldn’t remember where he parked his car in the parking garage.  He kept trying to call his wife and couldn’t reach her, adding to his distress.  He’s just the nicest young man you would ever want to meet…  I swear he must be Canadian… and while he was struggling with his personal feelings, he was trying to be pleasant and express interest in MY life (???) and all I could do was just surround him with an aura of calm while helping him pack, offer to ship his belongings to him by 2-day Fed Ex, etc.  His concern about that was that his wife might have to take delivery if he wasn’t home and she would have to drag the heavy boxes in all by herself.  (Now THERE’s a man I wouldn’t mind having around the house.)  As we took the last load of boxes to his car, I offered him the story of the time I  was laid off from a job…  and how I had three offers at a higher salary before my severance ran out.  I told him to keep faith because we can never know just what the Universe has up its sleeve for us.

Do send a little prayer for this young man’s well-being.  I can imagine that he’s beating himself up for not being able to become something he isn’t.”

We may never know the outcome, but we know this act has already had a trans-formative impact.  Who is the recipient(s)?  Who knows…but I can count myself one.  There may be a number of people, but outcomes are not our business.  We just look through the layers of window dressing, touch souls and keep going.

Soul to the 7th power…souls charged through the spiritual winds of our choice.  Seven threads woven together to fly God’s colors in spiritual breezes.  We have been woven loosely, but not lightly.  Each moves within the mystical maze of the material.  Each thread’s role blends with the others.  No thread is alone.  Each one can heal.

The Seven Soul Journers.  We’re on our way.

2 thoughts on “Soul Journers – 7th Power

  1. Words sound so feeble in my effort to express to you how this blog of yours touches my heart and gives my soul hope. This latest is very powerful and resonates with truth and beauty. These connections with other souls feed us and strengthen us in ways that have been missing for so long.

    • Jean, you do not have a feeble word in your repertoire. Thanks for validating the messages that tell me to share this ‘stuff’! And for giving value to the attempts to be obedient!

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