Healing 101

South African Morning

Saturdays often turn into my healing day.

After a week of diverse and stressful demands, I head for my cave to heal, regenerate and regroup.  A day of quieting is needed to replenish my soul and give me back to me.  Or, put me back on my spiritual path.

How do people manage life without a spiritual practice or path?

On Sundays, a degree of calm and peace has generally leaked through my busyness and rekindled my spirit.  My sense of being frantic, fragmented and frowning ebbs.  My meditation begins from a healthier state than during the week and it feels authentic, but it takes a good dose of energy i.e. discipline.

Today, I added a new adventure to my healing – more synchronicity which I’ll explain.  The Divine continues to buoy and balance my life’s events.

A few weeks ago, Joanne, one of the Soul Safarites from our Safari in October, 2009, told me she had signed up for an Internet course which is being offered by Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Sealy.  I looked it up and read:  “…learning how to tap into the power of (your) own intuitive abilities for self-diagnosis and healing…The Science of Medical Intuition…”.

Caroline Myss was the person who, years ago, brought chakras out of the mystery bin and helped me understand their significance.  I signed up for the course.  It begins in March.

Hopefully I will no longer have to spend Saturdays recovering from stress.  I choose to continue working and since it is my source of stress, I will delight in a pro-active healing approach that helps me help myself.   Preventative maintenance is the sub-title to my life’s story.   I’d love to sit back and let the Creator do all the work, but I have been led to discover that I am in a co-creative relationship with the Divine.  I don’t get to sleep in, kick back, and watch it all happen from my easy chair.  We’re in ALL things together.

My workplace recognizes staff birthdays and I recently received a gift certificate.  It was from a small store that contains all sorts of spiritual paraphernalia, highly creative clothing and jewelery, incense, oils, books, etc.  I headed straight for CD section.  A library of CDs  help me fall asleep in spite of my tinnitus.

Steven Halpern,  http://www.innerpeacemusic.com/, was high on my list of artists.  His creatively-crafted, incredible version of Amazing Grace has prepared me for sleep many nights.  I wallow in the beauty of his rendition.  I float in the flow his music.

I found one of Steven’s CDs right away –  specifically recorded for people who have trouble getting to sleep.

Another CD caught my attention:  “Vocal Toning the Chakras” by Jonathan Goldman, a master teacher in Sound Healing and a master of Chanting.  http://www.healingsounds.com/  Once home, I discovered the CD is published under the same outfit and website as the Myss/Sealy course I will be taking.

Last night, Steven put me to sleep (and that IS a compliment!).  This morning, Jonathan helped me wake my Chakras and is, I suspect, helping me do some prep for my course with Myss and Sealy.

It was after my routine morning meditation that I decided to put on Jonathan’s CD and practice his technique.  Chanting each vowel while blending with the other voices on the CD brought welcome vibrations into each chakra.  Chanting  these vowels and envisioning colors for each chakra turned out to be a phenomenal step towards deep meditation.  I believe Jonathan’s claim that, in the end, all chakras come into balance with each other.  The evidence came when we followed up with a meditation.  Unlike my usual meditations, I did not have to put any thoughts into the boats that haul my mind-refuse down the river.

Imagine!  Our own voices can heal and balance our states of good health!

The entire exercise takes a half hour.  What a tremendously small investment in my good health and well being.  There’s even a “quickie” version to use as a band-aid for those times we erroneously think that we can skip this half hour of preventative maintenance.

Can I feel this good during busy days when demands are coming from every direction?  There’s hope – Healing 101:  Step One – Keep  dates with Steven and Jonathan.

6 thoughts on “Healing 101

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for sharing all this great info! As well as the beautiful pic – love it.

    This is a timeous reminder for me to get my butt back to yoga, which serves a similar purpose for me 🙂

    Have a blessed day, xx


    • We can remind each other occasionally! Last night before I went to sleep, I did the bijas. Slept deeply and though I don’t remember WHAT, I remember knowing I was having fabulous dreams. Never mind, as long as my sub-conscious knows that! Then, I actually got up earlier today and did the vowels. Duc-la-Chat stares at me with twitching ears. I just close my eyes and think of his chakras too! 🙂

  2. Your path of mindfulness really calls to me. I once took a course called voice play, and discovered that there is so much emotion that can be expressed by closing my eyes and chanting whatever comes to me. I haven’t done this for so long. Thanks for reminding me of this healing practice. I would love to hear Stephen Halpren’s CD with you some time.



    • Any time, my friend, I’ll gladly play it over a good hot cuppa. Hope you weren’t grabbed by the ravages of that horrid cold. When we had lunch, there were hints of it haunting you. Big hug to Rob – Love, Amy

  3. Hi Amy,

    Can you tell me how to get more information on the Internet course which is being offered by Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Sealy that you talked about.

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