Truth’s High Frequency

Home was rural Alberta.  Only white kids existed in my world.   We had no movie theaters, no T.V., no library except in school, and no black comic strip characters. My life included the same several dozen white people over and over again.

We had families from various cultures in our rural setting.  I certainly did not have any sense of racism.  These families taught me their interesting cultures as I freely visited their homes and shared their customs.

One day my mother announced that we were going to visit people in the city.  As a free-spirited country kid, 6 or 7 years old, I had no idea what to expect.  Mom promised one spectacular treat.   I could swim in a pool that had no blood suckers or sharp rocks to cut my feet.

As we walked down the busy city street toward the pool,  I stared in disbelief that someone in a long, black halloween costume would expect to get treats in July.    Cities were too good to be true!  Then Mother taught me about Catholic nuns.

We  arrived at the pool.  As I successfully maneuvered my way through change rooms and wriggled into the heated water, the world became a luxurious fairy tale.  At least for a while.

A black boy about my age dived into the pool and swam like a dolphin underwater.  Though this was my first experience with seeing a black person, I was most enthralled with the length of time he could hold his breath.  He swam towards me as I stood in the shallow end.  Suddenly he surfaced directly in front of me, gasping for air, wiping water from his face.  That’s when I noticed the hundreds of diamonds in his hair.  Watery jewels sparkled, danced, slid, dangled and jiggled throughout his beautiful head of black hair.  I was mesmerized.

“What you lookin’ at?” he snarled at me.

Taken aback by his brusque manner, I wanted him to see what I saw.  “You have diamonds in your hair!” I said with sincere awe.

“You have no right to talk to me like that!”  he said and swam away.

I was devastated.  How could an experience of such beauty be so misunderstood?  I needed to talk to my mom.  I needed to understand what I had done wrong.

When she explained racism, I was horrified again.  She said that this young boy had obviously had some hurtful experiences with white people.  He mistrusted comments that were directed toward features that were not “white” features.  She told me that racism can cause people to react and misunderstand one another.

It prevents people from seeing truth, no matter the vibrancy.

So what was the first comment from Jesus during my quiet time today?  “You are in a ‘frequency burst’ right now.”

“Is that what it is?  I certainly feel full of  joy, ” I said.

“Good.  It’s easier to communicate at this frequency,” he said.

Since I don’t take notes, I wonder at times about getting the message down properly. “Don’t worry about that.  You are guided in your writing as well as in your meditation,” Jesus said.

He said, “God the Mother, the whole Corporation of angelic beings, all your guides – we’re all behind this.  You recently had a glimpse of where this blog project is going.”

True.  A few days ago, I was given a concept that I decided was my very vivid imagination doing a Tango with my ego.

Jesus continued, “You recognized it, then pooh-poohed the idea because it sounds too preposterous.  It looked too big.   But that glimpse was a small segment of what there is to be – there is much more.  It will fit together with quiet simplicity when it happens.  That will be your reassurance that the plan comes from the Corporation of All Who Love You.”

“Your group of seven, the Soul Journers, those soul sisters of yours – they will each be a part of this, as you saw in that glimpse, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.  I pooh-poohed it.  It is way more than I know anything about,” I said.  “It’s an impossibly unattainable outcome if I’m responsible for all that.”

“Well, it will be much bigger than that.  The world is now ready for the influence of the feminine side…more truth of high frequency.  People’s muzzles are being removed.  The world needs to be freed from itself.  The time of being dysfunctional is drawing to a close.  It is time for healthiness, love and simplicity.  It is time for the world to take care of itself and not be at the mercy of abuse.”

“Can you give an example, Jesus?”  I asked.

“Cultures that participate in wars, fighting and destruction do not think of themselves as “attackers”.  They all claim they are only defending their belief systems.  Sadly, cultures do not reassess their belief systems.   Outdated, unusable beliefs become blocks.  They especially block love; not only love for other cultures, but for themselves and each other.”

“Plus,” added Jesus, “look at your experience with a little black boy with diamonds in his hair.”

He continued, “Yes, there is a growing transformation, a massive ‘coming together’.  This is no time to worry about writing these messages.  As a spirit builder, you will be highly active.  You have lots of helpers, too, so fear not.  And you have a soul mate who is championing you at a much deeper level than you understand at this time.”

“People will recognize the truth in their own souls.  Souls will hear their own Divine messages.  Old methodologies will drop or be left behind.  There is only ONE message.  All who are willing to hear are hearing the same message and will work toward realizing the transformation.

“That photo of the children of Uthando sitting in prayer in South Africa…you planted it in the blog before you even knew what we’d be discussing today, ” Jesus said.

“Yeah, I saw the little boy with the hair praying so hard.  He may not have diamonds in his hair, but he’s sure got them in his soul….hope the frequency of his truth rubs off on his friends.”

Jesus said,  “And I hope the very same thing – that it rubs off on everyone.”


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