The steps down to my living room are perfect for meditation.  Sitting with my spine comfortable, legs folded and tucked in on the step below, my meditation began.  Within a minute, loud purrs and one paw on my thigh signaled the attraction that peacefulness holds for creatures.  Duc, my Angora feline, wanted on my lap.  Accepting that my plans for meditating had to be transformed to accommodate one of the loves in my life, I settled into a chair as Duc settled into my lap.

Because of a stress laden week, a steady stream of thoughts overtook my meditation.  I sat on my River Bank Spot placing thought after thought on boats, hoping that they would be carried down the river and out of my mind.  Even though I focused on my breathing, more thoughts created a log jam.  It was dubious whether or not I would find peace today.  Would it be possible to transform stress into a rich experience and spiritual growth?

Suddenly Jesus was nearby, just sitting quietly.  I was embarrassed that he saw the jungle-state of my being.  He saw my distress and said, “Let me help you pick up this entire pile and we’ll put it on that bigger boat over there.”

We did that.   “Thank you,” I said with relief.

“They’re gone, now.  You needn’t call them back.”

“No way.  I wouldn’t want to do that.”  I said.

“No, most people don’t want to do that.  But they conjure them up again by wanting to control or fix the situation all over again.  If you want me to help, leave them in the boat.  I cannot take them from you if you insist upon carrying them around.”

I asked Jesus which Spot we’d use.  He motioned towards the forest.  We headed for the path that leads to the lagoon.  Strange, it was dark.  As I carefully approached the water’s edge, I saw the silver streaks of light underwater – created by creatures moving through the phosphorescence living in the water.  The surface reflected the shooting stars and brilliant light displays from the star-laden sky.

As I approached the other shore, daylight started to transform the darkness.   The Angel of Mercy was waiting for me.  Since each angel has different regalia, it is a challenge to determine if the dress has anything to do with the impending message.

“I like your tiara,” I said after our greetings.  The golden crown looked like a lightening bolt had been wound around the circumference of her head.  The spikes of energy varied in height and every once in a while, a discreet stream of sparkler-like energy shot from a spike.   I wondered how that display would have anything to do with the virtue of Mercy.

“Thank you,” she said.  “Because of the message today, I was asked to wear it.  You can decide the significance later.   First, let’s go for a little walk.”  She gestured toward a narrow path that had not existed before.

This path was lush with flowers, tiny bushes and abundant trees arching the way.  We approached a structure that looked like a hut tucked into a thicket.  Closer inspection showed it was the shape of the top half of an egg.  The entire outside was covered in vines and numerous clematis blossoms. It reminded me of a floral sweat lodge.

The Angel of Mercy opened the door to the enclosure and gestured me to enter.  It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dimness since the only light came through the open door.  The inside was completely empty except for a seat that ran around the inner circumference of the building.  “What are we going to do here?” I asked.

“Take a seat anywhere.  Once you are settled, I’m going to shut the door and come and sit next to you.  It will be dark.”

“Okay,” and I took position opposite the door.  I hoped to see at least a crack of light after she shut us in.

She closed the door.  Not a hint of light came through.  Soon she was beside me, “Are you alright?” she asked.

“I am, but I sure am trusting you.”  My claustrophobia did not appear.

“Okay.   I am right here beside you – and you know where the door is if you feel you have to leave.  We’re here so that you and I can meditate together.  Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.”

“It’s so dark I don’t even have to close my eyes.”

“It’s very important that you keep your eyes closed.  You’ll understand later.  Let’s begin.”

The first thought to pass through the screen of my mind was the irony of meditating in a meditation.  I sat quietly, eyes closed, and reveled in the peacefulness of nothingness.  Healing seemed to emanate from the silent blackness.  Layers of old life peeled from me and I felt new life like freshly exposed skin.  Inner light poured through my being, sourced from the Divine and ending up in the cool earth beneath my feet.

Suddenly, I heard a sizzling noise.  The Angel’s tiara shot light of every colour into the darkness.  The upper portion of the egg-like structure began to lift.  Lights danced.  Colours flashed brilliantly.  The movement, the sounds, the music, the scents…all beyond worldly description.   The top of the egg structure was now completely open.

A plain, gray, non-detailed human form floated out from me and was rising upward to an energized atmosphere.  “What’s that?!” I asked.

“That’s your soul body.  Don’t worry, it’s not leaving you.  It’s all you and you are all that you see.  You are fulfilling the Transformation Process.”  The form continued to rise.

“The Process is taking you to a higher level of consciousness.  Your thoughts, subconsciousness – all that you are – has already begun resonating at a higher frequency.  This is necessary for you to fulfill your purpose.  It is good.”

Awe-stricken, I watched until my soul body was no longer visible.  The magnificent, sensual bombardment slowly wound down.  The top of the egg returned to position.

The door of the structure remained open.  I sat speechless, aware of the enormity of the task at hand.  Numerous pieces of several puzzles came together with clarity.  Echos of past prophecies, readings and messages resonated.  For a nanosecond only, I understood everything profoundly.  Everything was clear.  But the understanding transformed into a highly powerful form of acceptance.  I understood that I knew all I needed to know.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, I said, “Thank you.  Now I know why they asked the Angel of Mercy to take me through this process.”

“And why is that?” she asked.

“Because Mercy goes beyond what is ‘just and fair’.  Mercy has brought me through this Transformation Process and given me far more than what is  ‘just and fair’; much more than I deserve.  If Justice or Fairness were the ones here instead of you, I may not have qualified.”

I turned to embrace the Angel of Mercy.  She was gone.  On the seat beside me was a tiny, gold Faberge egg completely covered in minuscule vines and clematis blossoms cut from precious gems.

4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. i am so envious of you. my meditation is practically non existant. such beautiful word pictures you paint. i am still having trouble being able to still my mind.

    have a great transformation. i so admire your courage.


    • Be patient, Susan, you are just getting underway with your discipline. About all those thoughts – put them in a boat and let them go. It really does work. And the courage…well, you are one of the highly instrumental ones who believed in me enough to encourage and cheer on. If it wasn’t for all you tried and true soul companions, I would not be sharing this stuff. So let’s see where all this is going…! From one cowgirl to another – let’s do ‘er bareback!!

  2. ” . . . floral sweat lodge . . .”

    Nice. Great picture, particularly with the darkness that followed and the colorful lights that so vividly shined outwards.

    A higher consciousness. I was able to “let go” of rationale thinking and “watch” the transformation take place through my mind’s eye, perhaps the Third Eye.

    But I don’t know about riding bareback as you mention in your comment to Susan’s reply . . .

    michael j
    getting a
    good taste
    of one called
    the souldipper

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