Lead Your Ship

The maturity of my soul companions puts me in awe.  Their wisdom cuts stress like a hot knife through a block of ice.  Their words quell my storms.

When I remember to pray for help, these soul companions simply show up!  They appear in the most surprising places – on my computer, in my path, through my telephone.  These friends pour light over the entire stressful situation.  They pray for all the people in the situation, not just me.  They demonstrate spiritual maturity.

Their inclusiveness reminds me of the unity and connection that is building in our world today.  To me, their prayers are saying, “If there’s a storm happening, it has more than one little boat in its clutches.”  Wild waters threaten even the ones seemingly tied securely to a dock or anchored with a thick chain.  All run the risk of being battered.

And my soul companions pray for everyone in any given situation.  They know they do not have the whole picture, so they simply send love and healing light to all.  I know I am in good stead – in hands that are seasoned; in hearts that have progressed through their spiritual lives into love.

They remind me of a past meditation from September of 2000:

I came to my ‘Spot’ and entered the lagoon.  Dolphin appeared so I held my arms in a circle to form a hoop.  One dolphin swam through the hoop and I held on.  We raced through the water chasing other dolphin.  The sensation was phenomenal.  We tumbled, zigzagged and somersaulted.  While being chased or chasing, I rode bareback on speed and freedom.

When I tumbled onto the opposite shore, I discovered an angel sat, already waiting for me.  “This is certainly different.”  I said as I dried myself.

“Yes…it is important to know that things are the same amongst constant change.  This is critical to remember.  The seriousness of this project and our sincerity in supporting you to write does not waver in spite of any change occuring in your life – tumult, glory, darkness,…whatever.”  I did not completely understand.  Yet.

As I finished drying myself, the Angel began singing, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.  Nobody knows my sorrow…”

I chuckled at her cleverness.

The exquisiteness of music in my meditations astound me.  This was no exception.  I shivered over hearing  the perfection of her bluesy voice, a voice that could have belonged to a highly gifted, soulful, black, blues singer.  But, she was fair-skinned and blond.

I wondered where this was going.  There were a lot of differences to this session, but this was my Spot.  Like a fingerprint, its identity could not be denied.  Then I saw the banner across the Angel’s front that announced her virtue,  “Angel of Joy!” I said, “I see…no heavies today?”

Suddenly she switched to, “Michael rowed the boat ashore.  Hallelujah!”

I wondered if this was just a lightweight session, “Are you purposefully singing a song that’s a little hokey?  Do you really want me to write about this?”

“Do you know who Michael is?” the Angel asked.

“The book, Urantia, depicts Michael as one of the greatest spiritual beings in the Universe.  He is the devoted Son of God who eventually became our Jesus.”

“Uh huh”, she nodded in agreement.

I asked, “And this little ditty is going to give us our message today?”

“This little song is about Michael being the devoted Son of God, just as you said.  This little song is about all of us going through storms.  We are always brought lovingly and safely back to shore.  But it may not look that way to others.  Thanks to Michael, we are brought home to the safety and freedom of God.  God’s shore is not always a human being’s idea of ‘shore’.”

“Wow, you sure are wringing a lot of stuff out of that little ditty,”  I laughed.

“Well, it’s the truth.  Life IS the water.  That water changes from one day to the next.  Some days it provides the access to the outside world.  Then on other days, it can be the most dangerous threat imaginable.”

“Water holds treasures and hides terrors.  When a storm stirs those waters, is a boat safer away from shore?  Or is it safer being tied to a dock?  Can an anchor always be trusted?”

“Many captains are on their boats already when the storm hits.  Others go to them when the waters churn with a vengeance.  That’s what Michael was doing.  He chose to bring his boat to shore.  That’s what Jesus does for you.  He supports all of you as you decide how  to keep your boat in good stead.  The waters won’t calm at your command, but when you choose to trust divine guidance and get into action, the shore is yours.”

“Here’s my gift for you today.”  She handed me a minuscule, blue boat.  It contained every detail perfectly placed, including the rolled lines and polished brass.  If I had a magnifying glass, I knew I would even see brass bolts.

As she prepared to leave, she embraced me and said, “Lead the ship.  Count on being taken through the storm to God’s shore.  That’s what you and your mates are meant to do.”

Nine years later, while on a South African Soul Safari with a psychic,  Ainslie MacLeod, I heard the same message.  During one of our afternoon sessions when he was talking about the Transformation that is already underway in the world, I asked him who was at the helm of the mother ship leading us through.  Ainslie replied, “You are all at the helm of your own ship.”

May the Angel of Joy know that I heard the message.  Storms affect more boats than mine.  Those called to lead their ship to shore will bring on board those people who believe their boats are too small.

Whenever my boat is full, I have this nagging sense that I’ll hear an angel singing, “Michael rowed…”

2 thoughts on “Lead Your Ship

  1. So you have been in touch with your Guides for at least 10 years?

    And they help you write?

    I get my inspiration from meditating and opening to the Love inside of me. Maybe its been an angel putting ideas out there for me to try to pick up on all along.

    Thanks Amy.

    michael j

    • Sure wouldn’t surprise me! The reason? By your fruits you are known! You’ve been a great supporter to lots of us. You were here just when I needed the very response you gave.

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