Hosting Divinity

Meditative visitations from Divinity?

I was hired as the Director of Communications for a project that brought virtues to the attention, language and lives of families all over the world.  I was in contact with people around the globe who wanted these virtues in their culture.  They contacted us so their people could be trained as facilitators who would then implement the virtues into their lives. The results were electrifying.

The co-founder of the project undertook a rigorous schedule of travel, speech making and training.  She would arise each morning around 5:00 a.m. to meditate.  She would share intriguing results with those of us who were facilitators and certainly with those of us who worked closely with her.  She would be given insights, answers, assistance and ideas throughout her meditations.

I was thrilled with her descriptions of her meditative practice; there was no mention of nothingness.  Her descriptions were full of exchanges, imaginary and sensed messages. This incredibly beautiful woman glowed with joy whenever she talked about her spiritual experiences.  She still does!  Her expressive, gracefully-cupped hands, often held upward, place brackets around her openness and wonderment.

Thankfully, she was willing to teach her technique. First I had to become quiet and concentrate on my breathing.  Then, I was to go to my favourite spot, real or imagined.  Once there, I was to wait for an angel to arrive.

“Do you usually have to wait long?” I asked.

She told how it varies.  It depends on us.  Our readiness determines whether it’s time for an angel to appear – usually a female. And when she appears, she brings a virtue.  The virtue is the key to what needs attention in my life.  Either I need to put that virtue into practice or I am receiving recognition for having applied it in some significant way.

Do I actually hear the angel talk?  I ‘sense’ the conversation with the angel.  There is communication, but I’m not hearing a voice.  It is a type of inner seeing.

Concerned about the authenticity I asked my mentor, “How will I know the answers I get are valid?  What if it’s just my ego saying what I want to hear?” I asked.

It is very important to remember the power of our minds.  She explained,  “Whenever I am given information, I just let it be.  Then I watch and listen.  If that same information comes back to me three different times, then I know I can trust that it is not my will.  It’s amazing the ways that I’ve been given confirmation.  It may come from some silly TV program that I’m not even watching, but I hear it loud and clear in the background.  Or in a trashy magazine that I pick up when I sitting in a waiting room.  Lots of times, it comes from someone I’m talking to – and we’re talking about something entirely different.”

Most  important of all, we need to ask, through prayer, that our meditation be guided and protected by the power of our Highest Provider of our love-filled belief system; acting in our highest interest.  It is necessary to know that we are placing our trust in the Hands of our Universal Love and Power.  To begin, pray with clarity; pray for clarity. Then listen with openness.   At the end, say thank you.

My first few sessions proved a challenge.  It took a while to find my “special place”.  Finally I created my “spot”.   To get there, I walked through a lush, arched forest path and found myself calming down.  I became centered through focusing on my breathing.  Eventually, I arrived at a lagoon that I had to swim across to reach my spot.

I took off my clothes, waded into the water and began swimming underwater.  Although I do not like to swim underwater, in my meditation, it is a welcome cleansing.

Each time in mediation now, as I swim, dolphins or swans join me.  We dive, tumble and roll.  We play like water babies.  Often, I hang on to one of them and take a speedy ride through the water to the opposite shoreline to the spot where I wait for my angel.

This special spot changes its appearance.  There is a white sandy beach, large boulders of various sizes and trees, but I rearrange the setting and call on any added items to beautify the scene.  I usually have an abundance of flowers, a grand assortment of trees, various birds, glorious sunshine and warm breezes.   Sometimes when I arrive, there are fireworks, shooting stars and colours pulsating throughout the atmosphere.  I understand this to be an outward demonstration of my joy for being ‘home’.

Each meditative session may bring a different angel with a different virtue.  I make no attempt to predict the virtue or the conversation I will have with these angels.  Sometimes the purpose of the virtue would seem obvious and other times it may be days before the reason would become clear.

Because each angel leaves me with a gift, a tiny miniature version of some object, the gift may offer the clue.  On some very confusing days, I’d be left with no understanding of the virtue or the gift.  No matter how I worded any questions, I would be left to solve the mystery on my own.

When I haven’t meditated for a while, I have stood on the edge the lagoon, shocked and shaken as I looked across to my dark and drab spot.  There are no flowers or birds.  It is damp and dank with no signs of life.  The scene has become colourless.  Each time this happens, I feel frightened.  My soul is showing me that my neglect brings a lack of spiritual lustre to my inner AND outer life.

I know  it is always reversible.  It’s entirely up to me.  I have had to do it several times.

With love and delight, I will be sharing these surprising messages from my visitors.


2 thoughts on “Hosting Divinity

  1. Just to say that I have been meditating with the BEnedictine Monks chants to draw me in; ~ I light a candle, and always my maternal G’mother appears in the light. (This has been for sometime).
    When our Mother was dying in Peace Arch Hosp. I told her she would be with her mother, there would be a place for her. It seems that was calming.
    In the spirit, Eileen

    • What a beautiful experience, Eileen, and what a comfort that is to me. I never heard you mention this before. And what a gift to give our mother – I love the thought of them connecting since Mom missed out on so much mothering after her 16th year when Grandma died. Thanks for saying this – Amy

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