I Knew I was Going to Die

7:30 a.m – driving to work.  An RCMP neighbour was behind me, also heading to work.

A six-point stag appeared, in mid air, and landed in front of me.  At 120 km per hour, while climbing a steep incline off a major river, this did not compute.

I hit him.

The car careened off the road.  I flew through the air over a very steep embankment.  Somewhere at the bottom,  I would again feel land.

I knew I was going to die.  I dreaded the pain that was inevitable.  Suddenly, I thought, “NOW I AM GOING TO KNOW!  I AM GOING TO GOD!” and surrendered to death.

A strong, clear, sensed message came immediately, “You don’t go anywhere to be with me.  I am here now, always have been and always will be.”  And I fainted.

I don’t remember landing after rolling several times.  The car had been stopped by huge spruce trees.  When I ‘came to’, moments later, I was right-side-up in a flattened Bronco II, sitting firmly secured by my seat belt in the driver’s seat.   There was no glass in any of the windows.

As a trained Hospice Companion who has read many stories about near-death experiences, I suspected I may be dead and not know it.  I pinched myself and patted my body.  Then I heard the ridiculous ad that was playing on the radio.  I reached over, shut off the radio and knew I was alive.

Miraculously, I crawled out of the vechicle through the passenger door.  It actually opened.  When I emerged, voices cheered above me.  I looked up to find a line-up of vehicles and people yelling questions.  “Are you alone?” shouted one woman in a flowing angelic moo-moo as she clung to her open RV door.

“Just me and the angels!” I shouted back.

After a stint at the Hospital to make certain my internal organs were unscathed and to make sure the after-effects of shock were not going to plague me, I went to work.  I had an important Board Meeting at noon that day.  I was there, waiting for the Trustees to arrive.

Hospital staff warned me that I would be covered in bruises the next day.  They said my seat belt’s position would leave me with a temporary tattoo.  They warned that I may not be able to walk the next day.

That night, I went to bed and performed Therapeutic Touch on myself through visualization.  I thanked God for the incredible message that assured me of His Presence.  I prayed that I would awaken refreshed and unhurt.

The next day, I got up in a state of awe.  I was not stiff.  I did not hurt.  I had only ONE bruise – on the top of my hand by my wrist.

Was that because I was fit?  Was it because I took Greens Plus and Grape Seed Extract?  Was it because I gave myself Therapeutic Touch?  All of those aspects of my lifestyle helped tremendously.

BUT so did one wondrous miracle.  I have no doubt that God, with all the “host of helpers”, orchestrated whatever divine intervention that was needed to spare me.

I have no memory of the horrific plunge down that steep bank.  I had no physical damage to my body.  I was given proof of God’s interventionist love and care for me.  Not only was I cared for in every way, I have been given a message that truly is etched in my Soul.

It’s a message that sustains me repeatedly.

10 thoughts on “I Knew I was Going to Die

    • Thanks, Ms. S. – Well, I’m just opening the door. I’m working up to the real purpose of the blog. Funny how we need courage to share spiritual stuff when it is so easy to slip into dreadful negative stuff. Also…did I tell you the line from a person who had written a long letter to a good friend, “Sorry this is so long. I haven’t had time to a write shorter one.” That’s what I have to do.

    • Hey Katherine, This experience reminded me of that story of the little fish who asked his mother, “What’s water?” I’m a little confused about whether you have a blog or not…can’t quite see through to the truth. If you do, your photos will be a treat! Somehow we can link each other’s blogs, but I haven’t learned how to do that yet.

  1. Amy,
    Such a moving experience – beyond the “scariness” of it all. We are being watched over…I believe this very much. And we have a God who loves us very much. It’s easy to think because “such and such” did or didn’t happen – we have all sorts of problems. And my belief is, God works in mysterious and wondrous ways…

    So wonderful to read this – to read and be touched by the presence you’ve created. Thank you for sharing….

  2. “You don’t go anywhere to be with me. I am here now, always have been and always will be.”

    What a great message to be able to hear. Even greater that it was embraced and opened up doors for the relationship(s) today.

    I hope you don’t mind my commenting here–and I thank you for sharing your story.

    • Delighted to have you visit and comment. Come any time, Mel. Thanks for letting me know that you surely have one very beautiful soul given that those words were the ones that caught your attention. – Amy

      p.s. I enjoyed your blog, too! I will visit more…

  3. Hi Amy, what a wonderful experience – I don’t think I’ve read this post before, although it feels very familiar. Thanks for adding the link in your comments on tody’s blog! 🙂

    • You probably didn’t read this before, Jacqueline – it’s old. It was one of my earlier posts. Guess what – I woke up thinking of you today. It was about gratitude and your welcome presence in my life.

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