Spirit Builder by Design

The 2012 hype!

A friend told me how terrified she was after watching a program that had been aired on the History Channel a few nights earlier.  She told me she needed to find some way to believe there was still hope for the future.

Because she is a level-headed, gentle woman with a kind heart that is kick-started by a brain, I decided to have a look at this program that etched fear on her face.  I put aside an hour, found the program on the Internet and quickly understood the reason for her concern.  It was a litany of predictions that all APPEAR to be pointing to the world ending in December of 2012.

The program started with a firm statement that the various opinions being presented are not necessarily those of the Network.  What a convenient way to justify scaring the daylights out of people, especially younger audiences, and have no smear of responsibility for hurling the fear-mongering bane.  Their disclaimer supposedly cleared them.  They became just the messenger.

I, too, am a messenger, but more on that later.

The predictive sources on the documentary ranged from the Mayan civilization, the Orient, psychics like Nostradamus, and on to to the McKenna brothers whose approach toward a plotting methodology brought great relevance to the I Ching.  Scientists cannot determine whether the McKenna methodologies were genius or madness.  No one can verify the authenticity of any of the other sources.  It seems the only validation comes in the ability to have all of them relate, in some way, to December of 2012.

All predictions offer a variety of cataclysmic means of rendering the planet uninhabitable by December, 2012.  Take you pick; it may be through faulty sun emissions, decimation by rogue meteorites, flooding due to various catastrophic natural disasters or being blown to bits by man-made nuclear activity.

As a messenger, I have a prediction, as well.  Like the forecasts in the History Channel program about 2012, neither has my prediction been proven scientifically.  Like the previous forecasts, there is an incredible amount of evidence that  December is a significant month.  Unlike the previous forecasts, mine includes a statement: Embrace your highest source of power and love.  Focus on it; carry it with all your being.  With that power, no matter what life puts in your path, there you will stand – strong in the face of adversity.  And that is called SOUL.

6 thoughts on “Spirit Builder by Design

  1. I love this message. People need a different point of focus. Instead of embracing the negatives of life, let’s CHOOSE to embrace the postitives. Where you are telling everyone to focus will give them strength and the right guidance. It will build up their spirits. Keep writing and putting it out there. The world needs this. When we are filled with that higher power, the fear mongering will no longer affect us and the media will have to change course or simply just go away. I want to hear more.

  2. i sure hope we dont end on 2012, my death forecast is 2020 and it will sure be lonely out here if everyone is gone. my guides say i still have a lot of work to do. i simply cant get it all done in two years.

    with love

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